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Project 52 Week 10: “Patterns”

Welcome to week 10 of our 52 Week Pet Photography Project Blog Circle!  This week’s topic is “Patterns”.  Sounds simple… but was actually a bit more challenging then I thought it would be!

Patterns are defined as: a repeated, decorative design.  They can be found anywhere and everywhere!    Maybe the challenging aspect for me this week  is photographing a dog in front of the pattern, which then seems to interrupt the “pattern”,  changing the entire composition.  So  this week in my interpretation, I apologize for Kota “interrupting”  the patterns 🙂

My first image is from a few weeks ago when we had snow!  Yay!  I didn’t pay much attention to this image at the time, because  the chain link fence was evident.  I normally move Kota far from the chain link to then be able to “blur” the background.  I took this as she quietly watched and listened to the animals in the woods.  Because she is facing away from the camera, I feel that less attention is drawn to her, making this a fairly ok composition for “patterns”.  I love how the snow sat in between the chain links of the fence.  There is a slight blur, but one can see it’s still chain link.


Peaceful Watching

The next image was using the lattice that surrounds the underneath of our sunroom.  I never thought to use that as a backdrop, but for the sake of “patterns” I thought I’d try it out!  I put Kota again closer to the back ground, but still shot this at f 2.5 using my 135 mm lens to get some “blur” of the lattice.  Along with the background, I chose a “patterned” Wildebeest bandana (haha!) for her in “Mint Chip”!  🙂


Posing in a Patterned Bandana with Lattice Background


Thank you for stopping by!  I can’t wait to see what other’s did for patterns this week!  Please join me in clicking on the following link and continue following along in our blog circle.  Next up check out Susannah with Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area and see her creative take on this week’s topic!  Enjoy!!!


20 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 10: “Patterns””

  1. I love these, Love the patterns the chain wire and the lattice make and that first image Peaceful Watching does make you wonder is she watching something or waiting for someone to come home.

  2. I like the image with the chain link fence, especially since the snow made it’s own pattern on the links. The image also really invites you into wondering what exactly she’s watching.

    1. Thanks, Susannah! I’m glad I pulled this one out… I didn’t like it at the time because of the “chain link” but the snow adds to it nicely! Kota is always on alert! 🙂

  3. Both photos are wonderful and really showcase the theme, but I am a big fan of the lattice photo…and Kota’ s eat. Nicely done!

  4. Luv it – she smells, hears and see’s everything out there – even if invisible to us. Great photos and work w/the scenery

  5. Great photos with the fence patterns! The chain-link fence with the dabs of snow on it made for a really great backdrop. The lattice fence would make an excellent backdrop to use with photos for future clients.

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