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Project 52 Week 13: Day In The Life

A Day in the Life of Kota, a rescued mutt:

“I admit.  I have the best life and the most wonderful mom and dad.  They rescued me when I was just a pup at  4 1/2 months old.  I was lost in Arkansas with my brother and sister and mom.  We were picked up by a wonderful person who decided to keep mom, but didn’t have the room for us kids.  We were put into what was called “foster” and that was scary.  There was a huge Great Dane that didn’t like us, so we were kept outside.  That wasn’t fun with all the rain and thunderstorms that went on for days.  To this day, I am not a fan of storms.”

“It was a long trip to MA and I wasn’t very nice to the transporter.  I did a lot of scratching and biting and he did tell mom and dad “good luck with this one” when he handed me over.  I admit, I was going to be a challenge!”

“Fast forward and as of  this April I will have been in my wonderful home for 7 years!  I love my family and we have so much fun!  This is how my day goes….”

7:30-8:00 Am – mom and I roll out of bed.  Dad gets up at 4:30/5:00 – way too early for us!   Mom brews a pot of coffee – wow i just love the smell!  She opens the slider and I get to hang out in the yard while she has breakfast and coffee and works on her computer in the sunroom.


Kota Blog Day in the Life 1 of 1
Enjoying my backyard in the AM


9:00-10:00 AM – sometime around this time frame we go for our walk!  Mom lets me choose where to go.  Sometimes I like the trails, other times i prefer the road.  I like to antagonize a lot of the barking dogs that can’t get to me 🙂  If it’s a weekend, we have family walks which are my absolute favorite!  Mom likes to bring her camera a lot of the time – i don’t mind, I”m used to this!


Hiking Dogs
But I want to go this way….


10:00 AM  – When we get home I get Breakfast – woohoo!  Love my food!  I get fed turkey and sweet potatoes by Pawtree and it’s custom just for me!  They have fairy dust sprinkle seasonings that I LOVE. I even have my photo on the dog food bag and mom and dad named it after me 🙂  I’ve had my food and water bowls forever.  I love to drink water and when I was a pup I would get angry when the water bowl was empty … so i’d pick it up and throw it across the room.  Now i have recycled glass bowls from PawNosh – um, they aren’t easy to pick up!  I usually slap the bowl when I”m out of water!  That gets them running to fill up my bowl!


Pawtree custom dog food
Kota’s Kruncher’s and PawNosh Bowls


10:00 – 2:00 – I’m home for a few hours during the day.  I don’t mind – i love my space and I either curl up on my parent’s bed or take a nap on one of my 6 beds – I’m spoiled!  My favorite is the fox bed.  When mom comes home she smells like other dogs – ugh!  She walks dogs, trains dogs and photographs dogs and they aren’t always ME!  I don’t enjoy competing, but I know she loves me!


Dog's bed
My favorite fox bed


3:00 – 4:00  – afternoon walk for us!  I get 2 walks a day and if my parents look too busy, I won’t leave them alone.  I look forward to these walks!  There is a Doberman that I don’t like who lives up the street  – he broke through his electric fence (ouch – those should be outlawed) and came at me one day.  I turn into Cujo if we see him and I know mom is always strategizing where we go on our afternoon walks – it keeps her on her toes!

5:00-6:00 – Dinner!  Dad does most of the cooking and he usually feeds my while he’s in the kitchen.  When I’m finished I like to run to the couch and take his comfy spot 🙂  I’ve trained mom and dad to give me chicken or steak to move!  (notice the painting behind me that one of mom’s friend’s did???)


Day in the Life of a Dog
I will move for rotisserie chicken or steak, please!


6:00 – 10:00 PM – time to relax!  Mondays and Wednesday nights are me and dad.  Mom teaches dog training classes for the MSPCA on those nights.  I love time with dad!  We watch sports.  My favorite is Hockey and I love it when the Boston Bruins score a goal – ARRRROOO ARRRWOOO WOOOWOOO I howl!  I turn nutty around 10:00 PM and love to grab a toy, run around the house and squeak it!  Haha!  It’s PLAYTIME!!!  After that, it’s bedtime!   Not a bad life – i’m a lucky dog!

Thanks for stopping by and learning a bit about Kota’s daily life!  She brings so much joy!

Next up in our professional pet photography blog circle is Shae Pepper Photography.  Click on the link at the end of each  post to see some fun “day in the life” of dogs!  Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!



24 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 13: Day In The Life”

  1. Should see her on her off days : ) She also love watching hockey and golf like her dada! Great pictures catching Kota at her best!

    1. Thanks, Shae! Her $20 fox bed – great deal for her favorite! Kota does have ears with their own personality! Haha!

  2. Love Kota’s day! I used to get that same once over when I was doing more dog walking – I think they got used to the same dogs being on me each day and eventually decided they didn’t care. I tried getting photos of “feeding time” and “sleeping time” but mine were to fast to eat or get up – so I didn’t keep pushing to get everyone snoozing – took those I could.

    1. All of these dogs sure have great lives!!! I’m not sure Kota will ever get used to all the other dog smells – haha! Thank you, Linda!

  3. Great blog! Kota is a lucky dog to have found the perfect home! So much love. The routines are similar for all the dogs I’m reading about today. What a lucky bunch! Great photos too!

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