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Project 52 Week 31: “Wood”

Welcome to week 31 of our Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle!  This week’s topic is “wood”!

The past 2 weeks I’ve been doing some weekend dog sitting and dog walking.  I thought I’d keep my camera available just in case that right moment came about!  Backyards were perfect for this week’s theme!

The first image is adorable Jax.  He is a rescued mutt from the south who is about a year old.  I’ve been walking him several days a week since he was a puppy and rescued at around 8-10 weeks old.  They have a  red barnwood shed that I thought would make the perfect backdrop for this topic!


Jax July 1 of 1
Happy Jax


The next two images are siblings Jasper and Lucy.  They used to be regular clients of mine and I walked them for several years.  This past year mom and dad welcomed a “human” baby brother into their family!  They are now fortunate to have a nanny during the day!  They are both Pointer Mixes and they are amazing pups!    They had the perfect shed in their yard with a white barn wood … another great backdrop!


Handsome Jasper


Lucy Barn Wood Blog Wood 1 of 1
Stunning Lucy


And last I had to include a pic of my girl, Kota, in front of our wood backyard fence.


Kota Blog Wood 1 of 1

Thank you for stopping by this week’s blog!  Next up in our blog circle check out Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area to see Susannah’s take on this week’s topic!  Follow the link at the end of each post to see a variety of photographs from pet photographer’s around the world!  Enjoy your weekend!

12 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 31: “Wood””

  1. I like everything about the photo of Kota! Depth of field, expression, and of course, those ears! 🙂 I love dog profiles, too. The photos of Jasper and Lucy really show character! In the photo of Jax, I really like the way the reddish collar and red in the background complement each other and help Jax stand out! Nice work!

  2. Nice profiles, Kota has a lot of expression in her ears! I am definitely one that tries to get the dog to look straight into the camera as you did with Jax 🙂 therefore, I will have to say my favorite is Jax.

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