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Project 52 Week 44: “Bold Colors”

What comes to mind when  you hear, “bold color?”  I think of bright, vivid, fully saturated red, blue, orange and purple!  Oh, how i wish autumn was full of brightness this year!  Most of my studio backdrops are “neutral” colors along with black and white.  I decided to go with sharing some images from a recent backyard photo session.  We didn’t get the oranges and the reds, but we were able to get some bold yellows!!!

Meet lovely Phoebe and Charlie.  I met Charlie and his mom through my “tweens” dog training class.  Charlie was a star student and mom did a great job with him!  During the weeks of class, there was a surprise adoption of adorable puppy, Phoebe!  I was so excited to be photographing these two lovely dogs!

I enjoy working with dogs in “familiar” places.  I believe that’s where they are most comfortable.  It might have to do with my own dog having so much fear and it’s always a challenge to get her to relax in new environments.  One of my favorite locations to schedule photos is right in the back yard 🙂

We picked the perfect time of day – an hour or so before sunset.

Meet super sweet puppy, Phoebe.  I love the yellows and the bit of green in this image!


Bold Colors


Next is Charlie – the vibrant yellow and that green left over from the summer.


Charlie Blog Bold Colors 1 of 1


And one more of Phoebe – i love that splash of purple that appeared in this image!  I thought it was a perfect mix of the yellow, green and hint of purple.


Phoebe Blog Bold Colors 2 1 of 1


Thank you for stopping by!  This link is part of a blog circle.  Click on the link at the end of each post and it will take you to the sites of some amazing professional pet photographer’s around the world!  Next up is Susannah with Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful color in these posts!  Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 44: “Bold Colors””

  1. Wow – love the bold yellow – we don’t have fall here at home (central Florida) and we didn’t see much fall when we were away in North Carolina recently either ….guess it isn’t the year for great fall colors…. Love how you did this week’s theme!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Ah, yes, Florida! Not the same colors! But it wasn’t a usual fall – we didn’t see much red or orange this year in MA!

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