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Project 52 – Week 30: Light “Shadows”

It’s 7:35 AM.  I open the back slider to the sunroom.  It’s hot.  Yes, that’s the theme of summer in New England this year.  Kota pauses, sticks her head out, and then moves toward the railing of the deck, plopping down.  I go back in and measure out 6 cups of water to brew myself a pot of Peet’s “Cafe Domingo” Medium Roast coffee, my favorite!  I sit at my computer and get started on emails as Kota lays on the deck to my right.  I keep an eye on her through the slider.  She has husky in her.  She’s an escape artist!

This is my morning ritual.  I’m not an early bird.  I spend my first hour or so of the day waking up, sipping hot coffee.  I enjoy this peaceful, quiet time for myself.  Kota waits patiently for her walk, never nudging or begging me to “hurry up”!

It is this scene that a light bulb went off in my head for my first week of this new challenge I decided to take on to better my photography skills:  Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project.  My first assignment being “light- shadows”.  Each sunny morning while Kota relaxes on the back deck, the sunlight shines through the railing creating a perfect pattern of rectangular shadows.  The morning golden light illuminates her fur through the rungs.  This morning ritual and the way the light is working signifies “contentment” for me.  It’s the perfect way to start my day!


Kota Shadows 2 (1 of 1)



Kota Shadows2 (1 of 1)
Taking in all the smells of the outdoors


Kota Deck Shadows (1 of 1)
Shadows from the rungs of the railings – Kota watching for birds, squirrels, deer and the occasional coy wolf


This assignment has me looking for shadows as inspiration instead of “fearing” them.  As DuChemin talks about in this lesson, “we often overlook shadows as important,  so we tend to dismiss them.”  I think I will be spending some time searching out shadows and what they have to offer!

The wonderful thing about this 52 Week Project is that we circle and link to other amazing Pet Photographer’s!   Since this is my first week of the project I am looking forward to all the inspiring posts.  Next up, click on over and visit Pet Love Photography serving Greater Cincinatti and the San Francisco Bay Area!  Work your way around the Blog and see the variety of Light: Shadows.  Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 30: Light “Shadows””

  1. Love your images and your story and your comment about fearing shadows…. same here! Coffee seems to be a theme with you and me too. Mine is Starbucks Pikes Place (which is great for another reason b/c Pikes Place is in one of my favorite cities)… but I digress. 🙂 This last image particularly with those shadows is lovely.

    1. Thanks, Kim! That was my favorite… I always feel i’m better with primes – that was my 100mm and the others were my 24-70mm. Pike’s is my favorite from Starbuck’s! After years of traveling that was my “go to” blend in the airports 🙂

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