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Soulmates in Focus

Is your dog your “soul” dog?
The dog that has stolen your heart.
The dog that has altered your life.
The dog that has impacted your journey in ways you couldn’t have predicted when you first scratched behind their ears.
The dog that your life revolves around.
These session are all about you with your soul dog.
We choose the perfect location and capture your connection in the perfect light.
We create a beautiful piece for your wall that goes perfect with your home decor.  Every time you enter your home you will surely smile.
Also included with the session: A Kota Inspired “You Will Furever Be My Always” hooded sweatshirt.
Booking Fee: $500 (this includes a $500 credit towards your perfect wall portrait)
soul dog and mom zorvino vineyards nh
Soulmates Kona and mom
Husky inspired merchandise
Kota Inspired

The Giveaway

Grand Prize:
Portrait session for YOU with your soulmate (location within 30 miles of Georgetown, MA)

$500 to spend towards a wall/framed portrait  
Kota inspired hoodie (You Will Furever Be My Always)
Blog Post/Interview celebrating your soulmate

Prize 2:
Kota inspired hoodie (You Will Furever Be My Always)

Prize 3:
Memorial Ornament from the Copper Poppy
When something resonates with your pet, share their story!
This month is all about you and your soulmate dog. You can share from any of the prompts at any time throughout the month 🙂 

Tag me  @pantthetownphotography or #pantthetownsoulmates
Or even hit reply to my emails or send a message!

Giveaway winners will be announced on Thursday, February 29th
(prompts completed by Wednesday, February 28th 5:00 pm)


1. Share a favorite vacation memory with your soul dog.

2.  Share a song/artist that makes you think of your soul dog every time you hear it.  (I am creating a Soulmates in Focus playlist that I will share with all of you!) 

3. What is your soul dog’s favorite feature and why do you love it so much?

4. When you think of  your soul dog, what is the best part of your day with them that makes you smile?


Snow dog portrait session New Hampshire
Samoyed, Feta, with mom