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Here’s what most people don’t think about:

The time of year you schedule your photoshoot determines your home decor. 

You like earthy neutrals or bright, airy whites?  Winter is going to give you that stunning statement piece you’re looking for!

Most people think of photos as a ‘warm weather’ activity, but as a dog owner you’re already outside year round.

New England offers us four seasons of beauty, and I will gladly photograph your dog in any of them.  Let’s get a session on the books for you in:


Bright, airy, quiet.  Popular locations are quiet and empty.  Great for reactive dogs and anyone who loves unique portraits and neutral colors.


Beachy, flowery, epic sunrises.  Dogs aren’t allowed on many beaches during summer, this is our chance to rise early and get beach silhouettes, blossoms, and the last of the dreamy neutrals.


Adventurous.  Lush green.  Warm weather and playing outdoors.  If your dog is most comfortable in your backyard, this is a great time to capture your own home.


Warm. Classic.  The return of beach sessions, fall hiking, running through leaf piles, with New England’s spectacular show as our backdrop.