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Every pet photoshoot is a completely different animal.

But seriously. Because every dog, human, and connection is one-of-a-kind, I approach each project with an openness to listen, learn, and bring that unique joy to light. When individual needs are not only considered, but celebrated, the results can be magic.

Hi, I'm Darlene Woodward.

Dog photographer, canine expert, people person

This photography business all started with my rescue dog, Kota. Her challenges as a rescue with a difficult start in life inspired me to learn as much as possible about animals. So I became a dog trainer to positively reinforce our bond, after several other dog trainers were convinced she was a hopeless case and could only be trained through harsh punishment methods.

Patience and perseverance are interpersonal strengths I developed in two of my former careers as a middle school teacher and flight attendant, and I put these traits straight to work with Kota and my dog training. While there are quite a few obvious differences between children/people and dogs, I learned through it all that some “well timed” treats, such as cookies, can surely make the difference. And if it takes a “coyote caller” to get that perfect head tilt, I’ll be right there to capture that perfect moment with one in hand!

My goals with photography aren’t that different from my goals in dog training.  I would love to meet you and your dog and plan an amazing photo session experience!

Check out my feature on Go Solo about how I got started in business.

Darlene Woodward Dog Photographer
end of life photo


In Memory of My Best Friend

 April 23rd, 2011 – August 11th, 2022

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.” (A.A. Milne)




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Giving Back

My dogs and all the pets who have appeared in front of my lens have given me everything I ever wanted out of a job, a business, a career. It’s a core part of my being to want to give back to the pet community by helping shelters and rescues throughout New England, taking photos of adoptable dogs and initiating fundraising projects to help with their events.

Tails of the North Shore Cover Model