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Soul Dog

Soul Dog NH Vineyard

You love them. You talk to them. Maybe you even sing them funny little songs. You’d do anything for them.

Portrait of black dog in fall leaves
Soul Dog Bulldog Running
Soul Dog Border Collie

We both know that dogs change us forever, even though we don’t get to keep them forever. Today is the day to photograph everything you love about them.

Yes, today, even though there may seem to be no urgent reason.

Let’s get crisp, unparalleled photos of you two into your home so you can bask even more in this fierce connection. 

You cannot take candid photos like this of you with your dog using your phone. 

Once you see them on your wall, I’ll bet you a bag of dog treats you’ll tell me you can’t believe you didn’t do it sooner.  


Unique Barnwood Round Frame

Pet Sessions Are:

Safe for all dogs

We choose our location for fun and safety.  It may even be your backyard.  We keep your dog on leash (the leash disappears from the final images).

Reactive Dog Friendly

Your dog does not have to love new people to do a session.  As a certified trainer, I know how to choose locations, keep a wide distance, and still create gorgeous images of your dog.

Lighthearted and Joyful

The session is for them.  They can sniff all the sniffs.  Dive right in.  Play their heart out (and nap hard afterward).  Both of you get a date with your best friend, doing what you love.

Some of you will feel instant relief knowing:

I will love your dog as much as you do.  But I am not here to become their best friend.

Some dogs are highly selective.  They are their own gatekeepers, and totally uninterested in letting a new person in.  And that is okay.  I have specialized equipment to photograph your dog beautifully, from a distance.  As a certified dog trainer I know how to use body language to be neutral and stay out of their way.  If they do engage with me, it will be 100% their choice.

Part of the reason I became a photographer is because my soul dog, Kota, did not accept new people.  I could never trust that “people who love dogs” would understand my dog, let alone photograph her.  If you have a dog like this, I get it, and we can work together.  Let’s talk and tailor a special session to their needs. 

No stress.  No judgment.  Just love.

How It Works

Step 1

Let's Talk

We talk on the phone so I can get to know more about your pet and your vision.

Step 2

Get Scheduled

Sessions are held early in the morning or evening for beautiful, golden light.

Step 3

Your Session

We hit your favorite beach, trail, park - or even your yard. A day custom built for fun.

Step 4

On the Wall

Together we choose your favorite images and design the perfect art to showcase your best friend.

When we’re done, your walls and hands will be full of images like this:

unique barnwood round dog portrait
Ambrosia Maple Frame
framed portrait puppy zorvino vineyards

Let’s Do This

To book your session, get in touch with me.  Together we will plan an epic experience for you and your pet!   Enjoy one of my  most popular unique wall decor pieces, custom made for your images, in rustic reclaimed barnwood.   Most clients fall in love with enough images for a signature story book and wall portrait or wall collection. Looking for unique AND luxury?  Stunning custom painted portraits are here for 2023 and they are stunning. You purchase only what you love!  

We just finally downloaded all the pictures today, and we're so happy with them! We also got the framed portrait on Monday, just as you said, and it went right up onto the living room wall when we unpacked it -- it looks great! It was such a pleasure working with you, and we just wanted to thank you for helping capture some of the most precious moments with our fuzzy baby.
Best kisser dog superlatives in MA
Jolene and Jack