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Puppy Dog Eyes

11 Irresistible Shots For Your Dog Photo Session

Have you ever had professional photos taken of your dog?  Do you wonder what the photographer looks to capture?  I’m here to share with you 11 of my “go to” shots that we will take during  your professional dog photo session!

1. The Portrait

First and foremost is the “portrait”. I get down at your dog’s level and this is either your dog’s head and shoulders or full body in a “sit”.  Don’t worry if your dog knows how to sit but will not sit during their photo session.  It happens frequently.  With so many distractions, “sit’ can become a challenge! We WILL still get beautiful portraits!  (Kota says, “Go B’s!” She’s a bit Boston Bruins fan!!!)

Boston Bruins Dog Bandana

2. The Puppy Eyes

You know the “look”!  This is when I stand directly above your dog, and look down into their big, beautiful “puppy” dog eyes with a treat above my camera! No matter how old, they always have the puppy eyes! 

Puppy Dog Eyes

3. The Down

Not every dog can down!  When I taught dog training classes, even some of the dogs that could down, it took them 4 or 5 weeks to learn this behavior.  We try this with putting a treat on their nose and luring them into position. I lie on my stomach – yes, with my favorite waterproof rain pants!  I spend most of the photo session on the ground at the dog’s level haha!

Irresistible Dog Photos Luna

4. The Details

Your dog’s adorable button nose, floofy, flowing tail, sparkling blue eyes, or even those muddy paws  – it’s all about capturing your favorite details! These images are great for albums and collages.

Irresistible Dog Photos Details

5. The Paw

Does your dog high five?  Shake? Hand Touch?  Any way that your dog “gives a paw” makes an adorable photo!

Dog Giving Paw

6. The Action

Does your dog love to run? Dance?  Spin?  We will capture some action for sure!  Worried about the leash?  Don’t worry!  Over 90% of dogs are kept on-leash for photo sessions.  This is for the safety of all!  Running dogs we attach to a long lead and that can be magically removed in post processing.

Action photo of Greyhound running

7. The Candid

No posing! This is where we let your dog be a dog and capture all that cuteness.  

Irresistible Dog Photos Candid

8. The Scenic

I offer photo sessions at stunning locations, or the comfort of your own backyard!  If the scenery is stunning, it makes for a beautiful backdrop.  Here is an image at beautiful Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA, with the ocean in the background.

Irresistible Dog Photos Scenic

9. The Posed

I love a group shot showing chaos of dogs… BUT, a posed shot of your tribe is something to strive for!  My goal is to get just 1 of the pups together.  If I need to photoshop and do some “dog swapping”, I will. Posed images are perfect for a statement wall portrait for the home. 

Walnut framed print of

10. The Bond

I love capturing the human-dog bond.  This might be a picture of you and your dog walking together, or maybe a quick kiss from your pup.  Capturing the connection is meaningful and memorable. 

Irresistible Dog Photos Bond

11. The Boots

I call it The “Boots”, but it’s anything from boots, sandals, flip flops, clogs, bare feet… anything below the knees!  I have an obsession with cute boots and if you show up with an adorable pair, you will make my day!!!  

Dogs and Boots

There you have it!  These are my irresistible shots that I work toward in every photo session. Remember: dogs ARE animals.  We do our best to capture certain images, but we never know how they will cooperate.  Patience is key and I never force a dog to do something they are not comfortable with.  A pet photo session with me is all about having fun and capturing the true spirit of your dog!  Ready for an adventure?  Click here: 

This week I’m blogging with an amazing group of professional pet photographers from around the world!  Follow along by clicking on the link at the end of each post to learn more about their favorite session “shots”.  Next up is Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography, providing must-have photos of you and your pets in the Endless Mountains of Northeastern PA.  Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “11 Irresistible Shots For Your Dog Photo Session”

  1. I love the names “the bond” and “the boots.” That tells me exactly what you’re doing. Love your scenic shoot too. The location makes me jealous. 🙂

  2. Love your wall art with the 4 dogs. I am sure it looks wonderful on the owners wall. Exactly why a professional photographer is needed.

  3. I love the ‘bond’ – but so many different wonderful photographs. I have just a few I try to get all the time, then the others are just dependent on the dog and the location. I have learned a bit from reading the blog posts….Things to try, things to add…..but here in Florida, boots might be hard (although I love it)….we are in shorts and flip flops!

  4. You and I are so right there with each other! I friggin’ love it. My husband texted me in a rage last night when the Bruins were eliminated. He’s a fan, too. I have no choice but to cheer for some evil team for here on out. It’s anybody but Tampa for me! They’re the evilest.

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