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Boston Dog best ears

2021 Best of Boston Dog Superlatives

Tis’ the Season… for Pant the Town Photography’s 1st ever “Best of” Boston Dog Superlatives!  I thought this would be a fun way to wrap up 2021 and share some of my favorite images captured with some light hearted awards. 

Best Dressed

This one goes to adorable Zoe!  I mean… a pink shimmery tutu on a snowy winter morning? She rocked that dress!  Zoe’s photo session took place at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill the morning after a light snow last January. We had a blast!  

Boston Dog's Best Dressed 2021

Nicest Eyes

If you know me, you know I’m a bit “partial” to the northern breeds, especially huskies!  Hey, I’m honest!  And who can argue about a husky’s eyes?  Blue takes this category with the number one spot for “nicest eyes”!  His name even is “Blue” and look at those beautiful markings around his eyes.  Blue was a recent photo session in Beverly, MA, right in his backyard. Backyard sessions are great for letting “dogs be dogs”.  He and his sister were most comfortable right at home. The only thing we were missing on this November 30th morning was SNOW! 

2021 Superlatives-Best-Eyes

Best Smile

Modeling is hard work, that’s for sure!  Meet Sophie, who shows us. how this whole modeling thing is done with her beautiful smile! I met Sophie and her family in March and we had a fun hike on the trails in Hooksett, NH.  Sophie is a sweet senior but that didn’t slow her down from running on the snow blanketed trails and having a great day!  We framed this picture in a beautiful barnwood.


Best Ears

I’ve got a thing for ears!  I’m a bit obsessed with amazing ears on dogs.  Meet handsome Hank – he sure has some great ears!  I photographed Hank and mom and dad at Bare Cove Park in Hingham, MA, this past autumn.  This session was super special in that Hank’s dad surprised his mom with a marriage proposal.  It was epic!!!  Here’s Hank running, thrilled with the news!  Those ears!!! 

Boston Dog best ears

Most Athletic

Izzy takes the win for most athletic! She preferred running around Zorvino Vineyards rather than sitting pretty and posing. Can we blame her?  She had a whole vineyard to herself! Izzy’s mom works at the vineyard so it’s like her second home.  We had a beautiful autumn morning with pops of rich color. This image made the front of the Pant the Town Photography holiday card this year! 

Dog running in the Vineyard

Best Hair

Look at that shiny, silky coat and those wavy ears. Blake takes “Best Hair” category and all the ladies are envious of his natural coat.  I met up with Blake and his mom over the summer at Endicott Park in Danvers. We framed this image of Blake in beatiful rustic barnwood, perfect for display in mom’s office! 

2021 Superlatives Best Hair

Biggest Flirt

When you spend days shmoozing guests at the vineyard, “Biggest Flirt” is your mojo!  Meet handsome Vinny – he knows how to catch the  attention of the ladies. His picture even made the label of a bottle of wine.  Vinny’s mom is the general manager of Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH. He recently welcomed a baby “pooch” sister into the family to join him on his adventures. Vinny does a great job at showing her the ropes. The vineyard makes a great location for photos any season of the year! 

2021 Superlatives- Most Likely to get Caught

Life of the Party

Meet the Life of the Party, Autumn!  Autumn will be sure to spice things up at your event!  I met up with her and her sibling, Henry, the beginning of December at Ipswich River Park in North Reading. Posing for photos? Autumn had other ideas that were much more FUN!  Her expressions are priceless!  You may recognize Autumn from my book, Tails of the North Shore. Yes, the “Life of the Party” shows up everywhere to make smile! 

2021 Superlatives Life of the Party

Best Facial Expressions

“Best Facial Expressions goes to sweet Macy!  We had a fun fall afternoon at Endicott Park with her sibling, Magnus, and mom, dad, and sister. Macy was doing her best to rock a “falling leaves” shot….her expression: priceless!  

Boston Dogs superlatives Best Facial Expressions

Best Head Tilt

Competitive category right here!  How do I get that perfect “head tilt” during a  photo session?  The crazier the sound, the better! Usually it’s the coyote caller I pull out of my bag of tricks. Super sweet Daphne takes first in this category. Her family drove up from Rhode Island to enjoy a quiet Vineyard session at Zorvino. What a cutie pie!!!

2021 Superlatives Best Head Tilt

Best Wag

A floofy tail makes for a great wag!  Meet adorable Bentlely.  We had a mud-filled adventure sunrise session at Allyn Cox Reservation. As pictured, let the mud begin! From the trails to the water, Bentley had a blast and that fluffy little tail wagged the whole morning!  We put together a beautiful album from our morning excursion with Bentley and his mom.

Boston Dogs Best Wag superlative

Best High Five

“Best High Five” of course goes to sweet senior, Ivy!  Check out that perfection!  Recognize this gal? She is in the Say Paws 2022 calendard!  Here mom voluteers at theh MSPCA Nevins Farm and I know the duo from doing Noswork classes a few years back with my dog, Kota. We had a photo session at Zorvino Vineyards. Anyone who meets Ivy falls in love with her.

Boston Dog Superlatives Best High Five

Best Poser

Whippany takes a perfect shot every time!  Whether a stand, sit, or down, she strikes the perfect pose. Whippany is adopted from the MSPCA Nevins Farm and has an amazing mom!  Here she is between the vines at Zorvino Vineyards. Awww…that face! 

Boston Dog Superlatives Best Poser


I couldn’t resist including sweet Evie, who really IS the sweetest dog!  AND her mom is just as sweet! The two made a great team with a beautiful bond. We met at Alfalfa Farm Winery in Topsfield, MA. If I recall the day it was soo humid and Evie was a trooper!  Look at her smile and her lovely bandana. You just want hug her!  

Best of Boston Sweetest Dog

Most Mischievous

Roxy as “Most Mischievous” for the win!  She’s cute as can be, but don’t let that fool you!  Turn your back and she’s nipping at your heel or grabbing a stick …. ahhh, life with a puppy!  Roxy is AMAZING!  We romped around in her backyard and welcomed her brothers and sisters off the school bus after school.  If you are looking for the best book keeper, her mom the one!  Be sure to check out Tara with RCZ Accounting. Hiring Roxy’s mom to do my books was one of my best decisions in 2021!

Boston Dog Superlatives Most Mishievous

Which one is YOUR favorite? Would you like to make the 2022 Best of Boston Dog’s Superlatives?  Let’s plan a Pant the Town Photography experience!


This post is part of a pet photographer blog circle. Follow along and click at the end of each post. Next up Dallas – Fort Worth pet photographer Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography celebrates her gold medal win for animal portraiture in international print competition. I met Tracy a few years back and I think I need to get her up this way again to see some New England snow since she lives in Texas!  Enjoy! 

HAPPY 2022!!!  

14 thoughts on “2021 Best of Boston Dog Superlatives”

  1. If there were a Yearbook for dogs, you would be the BEST editor! Loved these photos and categories, but you can see Most Mischievous in Roxy’s face for sure! LOL.

  2. I need all of them to be my friends!!! These are so great, and I can’t get over how amazing your use of color is in your work. Absolutely stunning!

  3. Wow, I love a lot of these – the background in the ‘best smile’ is perfect for your dog model! I love the autumn colors with Daphne, and the corgi, and well, I think I love them all!

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