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Best Head Tilt Dog Superlatives

2022 Best of the North Shore Dog Superlatives

It’s that time of year! Tis’ the Season for Pant the Town Photography’s 2nd year of “Best of” dog superlatives, North Shore style! Here are some of my favorite images captured from 2022. I hope these make you smile! (Check out 2021’s here:

Best Dressed

When you show up for your fall photo session with a gorgeous checked bandana that complements the autumn vibes, you are sure to win “best dressed.” Adorable senior pup, Jack, showed up in style at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation in East Boston at golden hour.

Best Dressed Dog Superlatives
Best Dressed – Jack

Prettiest Eyes

Check out these amber beauties that glisten in the light. Django is definitely a beautiful mixed breed, and his eyes are captivating. Django was a Say Paws 2023 calendar model. What a stunner and the eyes truly are mesmerizing!

North Shore dog superlatives prettiest eyes
Prettiest Eyes – Django

Best Ears

EARS! I’m obsessed! Leeloo takes the win for “Best Ears” as she poses in front of a barn at Kelsey Arboretum in Boxford, MA. This sweet senior had some health challenges this past year… but she is doing amazing!

Best Ears Dog Superlative pitbull
Best Ears – Leeloo

Best Action

Look at that stride! Those ears and that flailing tail! That’s pure joy right there and Nala takes the win for Best Action. We met with her family at Lynch Park in Beverly, Ma, which was a great mix of a place to run and a place to pose.

Dog Superlatives Best in Action
Best Action – Nala

Best Hair

The “poof” takes the win for Best Hair this year! Poodle puppy Lexi and her stunning, shiny black coat is making all the other pooches envious right now. I met with Lexi and her mom for a lovely vineyard session at Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH.

Dog Superlatives Best Hair
Best Hair – Lexi

Life of the Party

Beautiful Anya grabs first place for Life of the Party! She “volunteered” to be photographed for a photography competition in the category of “Splash”. We didn’t win… but we did “shortlist”. She is a winner for me! Backyard fun with Anya!

Life of the Party Dog Superlative
Life of the Party – Anya

Best Facial Expression

Sweet senior, Rose, isn’t afraid to share with us how she really feels haha!!! We met with her family at WInthrop Harbor for her Memory Session. Rose is a love! How about that little tongue?! I’m in love with her pink collar, too!

Best Expression Dog Superlatives
Best Expression – Rose

Best Head Tilt

Border Collie Herja sure knows how to rock a head tilt! PERFECTION! Herja was also a model for a photography competition and she did place in the top with this stellar tilt. We met with her mom at the bridge crossing over I-95 at the Georgetown-Rowley State Forest. I love this spot for photos!

Best Head Tilt Dog Superlatives
Best Head Tilt – Herja

Most Mischievous

Nothing like a bit of sand on the muzzle at the beach. Most Mischievous goes to Jethro…. but he really is just perfect! He just happens to look a little bit guilty at this moment. An early morning sunrise session at Plum Island Beach in Newburyport, one of my “go-to” beaches.

Most Mischievous dog superlatives
Most Mischievous – Jethro

Best Voice

Sing your heart out, Willow!!! This cutie pie loves to be heard! This image is also the back cover of mom’s recent book published, Returned. Great read and you will need a box of tissues nearby. Amy has a heart of gold and a wonderful bond with Willow. This picture was taken at the graffiti wall right outside of my studio.

Best Voice Dog Superlatives
Returned by Amy Gilvary
Returned by Amy Gilvary

Best Paw

Great job teaching paw, dad! Milo loves to show off the shake and he take first for Best Paw. We met at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill for this adorable pup’s adventure! That face, though! Milo adores his dad.

Best Paw Dog Superlatives
Best Paw – Milo


I know… aren’t they all sweet? Of course! But I had to choose a winner and Sweetest goes to cute puppy, Goose! Look at that face! Those eyes and that little nose with pink. It was sweetness written all over it. Goose’s photo session was at the beautiful Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH.

Sweetest dog superlatives
Sweetest – Goose

Most Changed

Hazelnut for the Most Changed this year! I met this cutie pie in April and then photographed her at the end of the summer for the Say Paws 2022 calendar – oh my! So grown up and just 4 months apart! The first image was on a farm where her mom’s horse is and where her mom works and the second image is at Kelsey Arboretum, posing on the rock.

Best Sit Pretty

Rory might have been the only Sit Pretty attempt this year! And it was perfection! Rory was the winner of the Say Paws 2022 calendar contest – he got the cover photo along with a month feature. Woohoo, congrats! This was another session at Kelsey Arboretum in Boxford, MA.

North Shore dog superlatives sit pretty
Sit Pretty – Rory

Best Poser

Best Poser, “Boudoir” style, goes to gorgeous Marilyn. She sure know how to strike a pose on top of that rock at Kelsey Arboretum! I adore this “chill” gal.

North Shore Dog superlatives Best Poser
Best Poser – Marilyn

Best Smiling Duo

Perfection with the smiling Berner duo of Blades and Bruin! These pups are so handsome! They posed perfectly with timed smiles in front of the wine barrels at Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH.

Best Smiles North Shore dog superlatives
Best Smiles – Blades and Bruin

Best Kisser

This adorable little puppy, Hank, takes the win for Best Kisser. Lot of love from this cutie and I love the connection between him and his mom. We had Hank’s adventure the end of November at Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH. Look at that kiss!

North Shore dog superlatives best kisser
Best Kisser – Hank

And there you have it! The 2022 list! Do you have a favorite? All dogs photographed throughout the year qualify! Are you ready to book a session in 2023? Do you have the best poser? Or best head tilt? Let’s see it!!!

Around the Circle

This week’s post is part of pet photographer’s blog circle. This week’s topic is Year In Review. Click on the link at the end of each post and follow along. Next up Angela Schneider and Bella of Big White Dog Photography in Spokane, Washington, focusing on healing in 2023. Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Love “Best Voice” & “Best Kisser”, but all the Photos in the various categories are so great it’s hard not to love all of them!

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