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Sweetest dogs superlatives NH

2023 Best of MA and NH Dog Superlatives

Tis’ that time of year! Welcome to the 2023 “Best of” MA and New Hampshire dog superlatives! This is my 3rd year and I find it’s a great way to share some of my favorite pooch images taken throughout the year.

Nicest Eyes

I love a stunning set of eyes that sparkle and glisten in golden light. The Nicest Eyes award this year goes to the gorgeous goldens of Isla-Bee.

Isla-Bee’s portrait session was in June in Newburyport and she did amazing posing in the colorful blooms.

Rhodesian Ridgeback voted nicest eyes
Nicest Eyes- Isla-Bee

Best Ears

I love some good ears! The ears with personality – the ears that tell a story. The winner for Best Ears goes to a dog named Stori.

I met Stori over 3 years ago and photographed her adoption photos while she was in foster. The great news is she was a “foster fail” to an amazing family.

I recently did some headshot photos for the non-profit the family is launching very soon. It’s always great to see this pretty girl and her beautiful mom! Those ears are perfection, Stori!

Dog superlatives best ears
Best Ears – Stori

Most Athletic

Taking the lead for Most Athletic is a stunning German Shepherd named Josh. He loved to run and tug and jump. For a moment I thought he might have some Border Collie or even husky in him after seeing the air he caught when leaping!

Josh’s photo session took place the very end of November on a chilly morning at Zorvino Vineyards in NH. We had stunning light at golden hour!

Dog Superlatives Best Athlete
Most Athletic – Josh

Best Hair

The lovely locks of Best Hair goes to gorgeous Annie, paws down! Annie is a stunner. Look at those silky waves!

We did Annie’s portrait session with her mom and dad and two canine siblings in November, right in her backyard. The sun sets behind a stone wall that Annie had no fear popping up on to pose.

Dog superlatives best hair
Best Hair – Annie

Best Head Tilt

Don’t you love a good head tilt? I carry around a variety of noise makers in my fanny pack during a dog photo session. I’m always hoping for that perfect “tilt”.

The Best Head Tilt goes to handsome Dale!

Dale was adopted into his forever home this past year. I met Dale’s family last year around the same time in autumn. He has a senior sibling, Jack. Belle Isle Marsh in East Boston was a perfect spot to enjoy!

Hound Mix awarded best head tilt in MA
Best Head Tilt – Dale


The Sweetest is award goes to a cute duo, Bailey and Charlie. These adorable seniors are two-peas-in-pod and I was looking forward to seeing them again today on Cape Cod for a beach session, but unfortunately we had to reschedule due to rain.

They rocked their portrait session at Zorvino Vineyards in July bright and early. They didn’t love the early wake up, but they still were the absolute sweetest and knew how to work the camera.

Sweetest dogs superlatives NH
Sweetest – Bailey and Charlie

Best Kisser

Clearly Jack takes the win for Best Kisser! And look at all the love right there! No holding back in showing his affection for mom.

Jack is a sweet senior and there is so much love for this pup! He had the run of his backyard and a great morning with mom and dad the beginning of November.

Best kisser dog superlatives in MA
Best Kisser – Jack

Nicest Smile

Feta knows how to light up a room or any place she goes with her lovely smile! She’s just a pup and it’s pure joy to be around her!

Modeling came easy to this Samoyed at Zorvino Vineyards in New Hampshire. She had no fear putting her paws right up on the wine barrels.

We had her portraits done this month and we were lucky to see a bit of snow as a surprise – the only snow we have seen so far this winter.

Best Smile awarded to a Samoyed
Best Smile – Feta

Best Wag

I love a tail with a great wag! The more unique the tail, the better. I adore this tail with the curve!

Best Wag goes to Charlotte, one of the Tails of the World book participants this year. She is a rescued “mutt” with a list of amazing breeds that giver her a gorgeous look.

Charlotte’s portrait session took place at Georgetown/Rowley State forest where she enjoyed a trail hike with mom and dad.

Dog superlatives best wag
Best Wag – Charlotte

Best New England Sports Fan

New Englanders sure do love their sports teams! We have the Bruins, the Celtics, the Patriots …. and Tessie loves them all, too! She had gear for each team!

Adorable senior, Tessie, had her photo session at her vacation home near Lake Winnipesaukee. We did pictures in her yard and then headed over the beautiful Lake.

Here she is in her cute New England Patriots dress and snuggling dad in her Boston Celtics gear.

Biggest Flirt

The handsome boy knows how to draw the ladies in. Jethro bats the eyelashes and knows how to smile big! He wins for Biggest Flirt!

I photographed Jethro in the past, and this year I was thrilled that he participated in the Tails of the World book project raising funds for animal rescue. We had Jethro’s session at the Georgetown Rowley State Forest.

Dog superlatives in MA biggest flirt
Biggest Flirt – Jethro


The Soulful award goes to sweet senior, Beau. Look at those beautiful eyes, the smile, and that distinguished looking slightly graying muzzle.

This photo was taken right in Beau’s backyard in Beverly, MA. He’s such a good boy!

Dog Superlatives 2023 soulful
Soulful – Beau

Best Poser

Check out this handsome boy, Radar. He sure knows how to work the camera with a chin down and those sweet puppy dog eyes!

This was the last image taken during this session with Radar and his brother, Hawkeye. I was chatting with mom and dad on their front steps and Radar just kept modeling…. so I kept shooting!

Dog Superlatives 2023 best poser
Best Poser – Radar

Best Teamwork

I photographed these two best friends, Hazelnut and Saint in 2022 when Hazelnut was just a puppy. We did the same location on the farm this past April. Hazel is getting so big!

I loved watching the friendship and connection these two shared on the farm.

Hazelnut had to say “goodbye” to Saint recently as he was “lifted up”. I know there is an emptiness and she is missing her best buddy.

dog and a horse best teamwork
Best Teamwork – Hazelnut and Saint

Best Paw

Best Paw and lover of learning new tricks goes to adorable doodle, Milo!

Milo also participated in the Tails of the World book project this year and we enjoyed an evening portrait session on Salisbury Beach in MA.

Milo loved the beach and getting to run on the sand!

Doodle dog Best Paw Superlatives
Best Paw – Milo

There you have it! The 2023 “Best of ” awards.

Which one is YOUR favorite?

What would you add next year to the list?

Do you have a dog that you think will make the 2024 list? Let’s plan a portrait session with your dog!

I love ALL the dogs, of course, but this is just a fun way to share some of my year with all of you! Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “2023 Best of MA and NH Dog Superlatives”

  1. All the photos in the various categories are great. I love the best ” teamwork” photo. How about adding “Most Adorable. “

  2. I love your superlatives for the Ma and NH dogs. I must say your teamwork phot is probably my favorite. I am such a sucker for dog and horse photos. I am hoping Hazelnut is managing without her bestie.

  3. MA and NH are so lucky to have you, Darlene! I always love reading the end of year superlatives. I had a hard time choosing a favorite, but the ears and Tessie are tied for me I think. Here’s to another great year of pet photography! Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! You covered a lot of territory around ME and NH! What an incredible 2023 you had and I’ve no doubt your journey in pet photography will continue to reach new heights in 2024. You’re one of the best I know. <e3 you!

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