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Massachusetts dog photo session in autumn

3 Best Boot Styles to Wear for Your Outdoor Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered if a photographer has a “favorite shot” that they love to get during a photo session?  To be honest, I guess every shot of a dog during a photo session could be considered a “favorite” – haha!  I do admit to having one – especially if a client shows up to the session with some adorable kickass boots.  I call it my “barks and boots” shot (thanks to the Abalos family for giving it a name!).  This image is simply the dog in a sit, stand, or down wedged in between the owner’s boots.  This isn’t  for all dogs. We try it.. but if the dog needs that “bubble of space” (like my own husky), we move on.  

I’ve had clients ask during phone consultations, “can we get the picture with the boots?” Also, “What kind of boots should I wear?”

This post is going to address MY top 3 boot styles to wear for our outdoor photo session! 

1. Tall

You can’t go wrong with a tall, stylish boot!  These can be worn all year around, but best for autumn.  I love a tall brown leather boot to complement rich, autumn colors. They also work great with rustic backdrops like barn doors. 

Massachusetts dog photo session in autumn
Love a paw on the boot (Roxy)
Best boots for your photo session
"Down" is great for larger dogs- (Luna)
Boots in Photo Sessions-12
Boots complement the rustic barn (Britney)
Boots for Photo Sessions-2
Couples matching boots - Epic! (Baker and Berry)

2. Rain

Puddles! Gotta love them!  There’s nothing better than pops of fun colors that rain boots offer. They work for the beach, backyard, just about anywhere!  No rain needed to enjoy the results.  Rain boots are perfect for spring and summer sessions.  Do you have a favorite color? Hunter boots seem to be the most common!

Boots for Photo Sessions-17
Vineyard Polka Dots (Daphne)
Rain boots and dogs
Vineyard Blues (Delilah and Samson)
Hunter Boots in Orange
Pop of Orange (Norm)

I LOVE boots on the kiddos!  The colors are so much fun! 

Boots for Photo Sessions 3
Sunshine Yellow (Bruno)
Boots on the beach
Beach Vibes (Hennessy)

3. Snow

Winter boots, SNOW boots! Perfect for snow, cold AND even the beach on those chilly days! That little puppy, Archie, that you see?  He’s now 3 times the size and his mom is the one who gave me the “barks and boots” name that has stuck with me!  

Shiba Inu posing in snow
Fancy lace-ups by the side (Kai)
Hunter Boots purple
Purple faux fur cuffed (Archie)
Snow Boots Rye, NH
Yes, I include people, too! (Ivy)

What style is YOU favorite? Coment below – I’d love to know! Do the winter boots twist your arm to schedule a snow session? If so, click below to fill out an inquiry!  Get your cute boots on an let’s have some fun with your pup!  

This post is part of a blog circle featuring professional pet photographers from around the world! Click on the link at the end of each post and follow along. Next up in our circle Nicole Hrustyk of Pawtraits by Nicole explains what to wear for your dog’s portrait session.  I can’t wait to read what Nicole shares!  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “3 Best Boot Styles to Wear for Your Outdoor Photoshoot”

  1. Oh my knee-high burgundy Dr. Marten boots, that have become a year-round staple in my wardrobe, are just begging for a shoot like this! Love seeing all the different styles within this theme!

  2. I love this blog post! Boots are so versatile and so full of character and personality! I’m so happy to know a fellow boot fanatic. Your images are gorgeous, as always. =)

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