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Best Dog Collars

3 Best Dog Collars

Do you have a favorite company that you order your dog’s collar from? I love a pretty AND functional dog collar. If you are looking for something new, I thought I would share my best “go to” dog collar brands! Halo was thrilled to model each of these collars. Enjoy shopping!

1. Cody’s Creations

Cody’s Creations is local to me here in MA. Kerrie is the owner and she is wonderful! I love following her new designs that pop up each season.

Cody’s Creations is on etsy. She sells well made collars from 5/8 inch to 1.5 inches in both martingale and flat style. She also sells adorable treat bags in fun prints, perfect for dog training classes or walks with your dog. If you are looking to add a bowtie or flower to your collar, Kerrie has you covered!

Kerrie has also been a sponsor for my annual Say Paws calendar contest that raises funds for animal rescue. She donates a gift card that I give to a weekly contest winner who has the most votes.

Purchase a gift for a pet you lost honor of them
Cody’s Creations Collar

2. Lupine Pet

Lupine Pet is out of Conway, New Hampshire.

They state on their website:

“All of our collars are durable, strong, washable and Guaranteed, Even if Chewed!” They have a lifetime guarantee. They sell martingale and flat collars, leashes, and harnesses.

Lupine Pet is committed to giving back to community. You will see a lot of their gear in animal shelters. I first came across them on some of the adoptable dogs at the MSPCA Nevins Farm.

Lupine Pet Dog Collar
Lupine Pet Flat Collar

3. 2 Hounds Design

I found 2 Hounds Design on instagram. They are known for their freedom “no pull” dog harness, but they have some amazing dog collars and quite a variety! My friend Judy who owns Just Dogs! In Newburyport carries their harness, and also has some made special that are smaller sizes yet thicker (perfect for a “puller” like Halo!)

After we adopted Halo, I was on the hunt for a pink and black “pretty” collar that would go perfect with her coloring. I found it at 2 Hounds Design!

2 Hounds Design Collar
Cherry Blossom Collar 2 Hounds Design

Of course while I was perusing the 2 Hounds website I came across the cozy plaid print and had to add that one to my shopping cart, too!

2 Hounds Design Plaid Martingale Collar
Halo in winter plaid from 2 Hounds Design

Both the collar from 2 Hounds Design are martingale. Halo is an escape artist (as most huskies are), so the martingale style works perfect.

We do walk Halo in a no pull front clip harness from Dolan’s Dog Doodads called the Wonder Walker. Stay tuned as I will be sharing about the Non-stop Dogwear harness this spring once Halo and I start running together!

Around the Circle

This week’s post is part of a pet photographer’s blog circle with the photographer choosing a topic. There will be a nice variety and I know you will enjoy following along by clicking the link at the end of each post.

Next up Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography elevates your space with a new gallery line of wall art.  Enjoy!!!

8 thoughts on “3 Best Dog Collars”

  1. I’m a big fan of 2-Hounds, it was my go-to recommendation for pullers in my dog training classes – I always forget that they make collars too! I like Up Country as well, soooo many adorable designs to choose from it will turn you into a “collector” (which can be a problem, but you know the first step is admitting….LOL).

  2. Love all the collars especially the 2-Hounds Cherry Blossoms design. ” Halo” makes a great model as all the colors of the collars go great with her color!!

  3. I really like these three different do collar. I also have my own dog and i am also finding a dog collar for my dog. Thanks for your information.

  4. I absolutely adore the way you’ve introduced these fantastic dog collar brands! Halo looks so charming in each one. Your personal touch and local recommendations add a special touch to your post.

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