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Baby Announcement with dogs

3 Reasons It’s Essential For YOU To Be In Photos With Your Dog


Happy 2022!  Here in Massachusetts we haven’t had much of a winter, but as I write, we are expecting 4-7 inches of snow on the way – woohoo!!!  As I’m hunkering down, I thought it would be a great time to blog about the importance of why YOU should in photos with your dog this year!  

1. Celebrate Family Milestones

Our dogs are family!  Yes, you should ALWAYS include them in photo sessions!  Are you getting engaged or married?  Most likely your dog has been a part of your relationship with your significant other. Expecting your first “human” baby?  This is an exciting time for both you AND your dog!  Let’s capture that and make some memories!

Last year I did a surprise engagement session for Hank’s mom and dad. Well, to be honest, the photo session was a gift for mom FOR Hank, but shortly before the session date, dad reached out to me about his plan to propose at the session and “could we make it happen.”  Of course!  This was an epic morning and yes, she said YES!

She Said Yes Blog 5
Surprise proposal
Pats vs Buffalo
Patriots vs Buffalo
Team Hank!

In November this lovely couple reached out to me about doing a “baby sister on the way announcement” and they wanted to include their beautiful dogs. Mom and dad had a “vision” and we headed up to a secluded area with a cabin in NH to get creative!  They got vintage car and had some fun travel themed props.  I always mention to not set expectations too high, as we never know how dogs will behave.  Baker and Berry did amazing!  I’m so excited for this beautiful family!  They now have a stunning album to cherish and they had the perfect image for their “baby announcement” cards. 

Baby Announcement Photo Shoot 0027
Baby Announcement with dogs
Baby Announcement with Dobermans
Surprise Proposal Session 0045

These sessions are a blast!  Keep the idea in mind when you have exciting news to celebrate and want to include your dog!

2. Capture Your Bond

I know your dog is your world. Yes, we can take pictures of just your dog. How many pictures of your dog do you have in your cell phone?  Hundreds? Thousands?  I will be honest: I have them, too!  But how many pictures do you have of both you AND your dog?  I don’t mean selfies!  As a pet photographer I am experienced at photography people and their pets together. We will get some pose, and we will get some candids. You will laugh. You will cry. I promise you it will be fun!  


Dog Mom Bond
Unique Round Rustic Frame

Whether you love the idea of an album or wall portraits you can see every day when you walk into your home, we create something beautiful together to capture your connection!

3. They Won’t Be Around Forever

“Dog’s lives are too short. Their only fault, really” (Agnes Sligh Turnbull) This quote sums it all up! We wish they could be with us forever. Unfortunately, our dogs can’t tell us how they are feeling. Their health can take a turn for the worst at any given moment. We are never ready for this. Is there ever even a “right” time? 

If having photos taken with your dog has ever crossed your mind, today is the day to schedule that. Would you love to capture the joy and energy of your dog?  Please, don’ wait. Guess what?  I have never had someone come back to me and say, “I wish I never had photos taken with my dog.”  It’s, “I’m grateful we did this when we did!” 

And if you are shy about being in photos, I do take a variety and there are different ways for you to be a part of them!

Memory Session for a Yellow Lab
Dogs Dont Live Forever 0041
Dogs Don't Live Forever_0040

Are you ready to schedule a quick discovery chat?  Just fill out this short inquiry form and we will be in touch:

This post is part of a blog circle with pet photographers from around the world contributing.  Next up Terri, of Terri J Photography in Toronto, talks about the most important New Year’s resolution for pet owners. Enjoy!!!

8 thoughts on “3 Reasons It’s Essential For YOU To Be In Photos With Your Dog”

  1. Oh man, those two sessions – the surprise engagement and the baby announcement – look like they were too much fun. I love it that people wanted to include their dogs in those important family moments. That’s when you know you’ve found your people.

  2. I adore the baby announcement session – the jeep, the props, the fall color. PERFECTION! Your work is so gorgeous and you do such a lovely job of capturing honest connection between the dogs and their humans.

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