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Puppy Family Calligraphy Collage

5 Best Selling Frames

I LOVE seeing images in frames – a finished product to proudly hang on your walls!  A beautiful picture of your dog that makes you smile every day that you walk into your home. I sell a variety of frame styles to complement your home decor, but my best selling frames are from a company called Farmhouse Frames. They are high quality, hand made (not factory!) , unique, and the company has amazing customer service.  Do you have a specific color or finish in mind? They will customize it for us!  

Do you know what I love about these frames even more?  The husband and wife team works with only 192 photographers in the US. You won’t find these from another photographer in our area. There is an application process and even a waiting list. Just think – you will have something displayed in your home that you won’t see at your friends or neighbors. Farmhouse Frames  knows my work and they know my style. The relationship that I have with my framers is similar to the relationship that I have with my clients.  I am grateful for the the personal touch and the communication. I love investing in small business and supporting American made products.  

Feel free to browse there website: Farmhouse Frames.  Do you have a favorite style?  Do you wonder what my “best sellers” are?  I’m here to share my top 5 sellers!

1.Wood Rounds

The wood rounds are my number 1 seller!  Last year I was one of Farmhouse Frames top sellers for the “round” frames!  These frames feature either a soft distressed off white inner edge with a wood outer border or Sherwin Williams Iron Ore flanked with a light brown wood.  They can be customized!  I’ve done these frames with the inner edge in other colors. 

Rustic Round Barnwood Frame
Distressed Wood Round
Round Barnwood Frame
Iron Ore Wood Round

2. Calligraphy Collage

A beautiful custom product for your home!  You can have your family name, pet’s name, year, quote…whatever you envision! … hand lettered at the top. This frame also includes 7 of your favorite images from our photo session.  The total dimensions of the frame are 30×30.  My most popular color is the antique black.  It’s a gorgeous piece!  

Puppy Family Calligraphy Collage
Calligraphy Collage

3. Craftsman “Beveled”

The  “Craftsman Frames” feature aged Oak barnwood that is slightly planed in order to keep the grain and texture that only weathered oak can retain. These are a stunning  modern and unique take on a traditional frame style. Best selling colors are the “ebony” and the “antique walnut”.

Bruno Craftsman Ebony Beveled
Craftsman "Beveled" in Ember

4. Asher

Crafted from hardwood, this Oak frame has a white-washed trim inlay to give the frame a more modern feel.  The wood tones contain slight gray and brown tones with a lot of texture. It incorporates both the organic feel of the wood with modern lines.  Blakes mom has this framed in her office!  

Asher Barnwood Framed Print

5. Haystack

Crafted from a hardwood “Haystack” is this brown frame that gives a vintage and earthy vibe. This wood has hints of brown in different tones from light golden brown to deeper brown throughout the grain.  This is one of MY absolute favorites!  It looks amazing with autumn colors!

Haystack Frame

What do you think?  Do you love this style?  Does it complement your home decor?  I do offer other framing options!  These are my most popular …. you may learn to love barnwood with one of these!   
Let’s set up a quick call – I’d love to learn about your dog and plan a fun photo experience, and create something beautiful for your home!  

This week’s post of part of a pet photographer’s blog circle.  Click on the link to follow along and meet some amazing pet photographers from around the world!  Next up Ina Jalil of Ina J Photography, award winning Canberra Pet Photographer shares why the storyboard collage is the most popular artwork that pet parents choose from their photo session.  Enjoy!!!

5 thoughts on “5 Best Selling Frames”

  1. My goodness these are so unique and gorgeous! I love the textures and the colors work so well with your beautiful photos.

  2. Those are GORGEOUS!!!! One of a kind, tons of personality and handcrafted in the US? Heck yes! Additionally you had me at the CIRCLE FRAME!!! Shut up and take my money!!!!

  3. Beautiful looking frames. The frames make the picture. It’s great that you were abled to partner up with another small business that appreciates your work & they are hand crafted in the US.

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