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5 reasons engagement photos with your dog

5 Reasons To Include Your Dog In Your Engagement Photos

Your dog is part of your story. Your world revolves around them. Their world revolves around. you. Maybe your dog came first, before you met your partner. Or maybe you and your significant other picked out little Petunia together. They are your “everything” and I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why you must include them in your engagement photos!

Couple with dog on beach
Engagement – Wallis Sands, NH

1. The Connection You Share

Your dog IS your family. You share a connection with them. An engagement session is the perfect time to document that bond.

Are they a cuddle bug? Do they LOVE to give sloppy, wet kisses? That needs to be in a photo that you can laugh at every time you see it!

This beautiful couple got Theo as a puppy and scheduled their engagement session when he was just a few months old. Theo was still working on his manners – no worries at all! Puppies add fun to the mix! Training is not a necessity. All dogs are welcome!

dog giving kisses
Theo giving kisses

2. Dogs Reduce Stress

Want to take the pressure of of you and posing for pictures? Maybe you’re like me – I don’t love to be the center of attention. Having your engagement session with your pup will surely help you to relax more! (Pending you don’t’ have a “reactive Rover”!)

Pets do a great job at providing comfort and reducing tension. Even your dog rolling in the mud or jumping in the pond will make you laugh, I’m sure!

This couple was so excited to include their dogs during their engagement session! I admit… I think they were more excited for these photos than for their wedding photos (don’t tell their wedding photographer!)

The beginning was slightly stressful for moms…. 3 dogs IS a lot! All fell into place and we had a blast! Lots of laughs!

Engagement Session with dogs Sandy Beach Cohasset
No stress with dogs!

3. Highlight Your Lifestyle

Do you love to camp? Enjoy the lake life? The mountains with a trail hike? Beach? City sidewalks?

This defines you and I’m sure you do these things WITH your dog! Highlight your lifestyle during your engagement session.

This couple loved taking their dogs to the beach. Salisbury Beach in NH to be specific. We did their engagement session at sunrise on a chilly and windy day. BRRRR!!! It was perfect for them! The little pooches did fantastic! The sweet senior loved being carried and held by dad.

Salisbury beach sunrise engagement
Salisbury Beach, MA

4. Artwork For Your Home

Looking to move into a new home? Or maybe spruce up your current home? Start adding beautiful artwork to the walls now! Don’t wait for your wedding photos!

It’s time to have some professional photos printed! How about a coffee table book that tells the story of your engagement? A barnwood framed portrait above your living room couch that coordinates with your decor?

A forever reminder on how it all started! And how important your dog is in your life.

Below is a mock up of Cooper, Rusty and Teddy at their mom’s engagement session. This will go above their couch in the living room. A beautiful, happy family!

Whitewashed framed portrait of dogs
Engagement portrait for the home

5. Your Journey Celebrated

It’s a journey. It should be celebrated. Your engagement marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Your dog is a huge part of your journey. Your pet should be included and I am here for you! Celebrate your adventures and your exciting future as a family together.

You will never say, “I wish I didn’t do that”. I promise you that you will love the memories – no regrets!

Elopement photo session with dogs in New England
Celebrating the journey with our dogs

What do you think? Did you recently get engaged? Is your dog the most important part of your life and now you are going to share that with someone else?

Your dogs deserve to be with you celebrating! I want to document this day with you and for YOU! There are so many stunning locations that make for beautiful backdrops in New England.

If you’re ready to document this next exciting chapter of your life with your fur friends by your side, click below (right now!) to book your engagement session. I’ll help you choose the perfect location, help you prepare, and assist you in choosing that epic outfit with cute shoes (or boots!).

I can’t wait to meet you and your beloved pet!

engagement photo shoot with dogs
All the LOVE

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Include Your Dog In Your Engagement Photos”

  1. Our pets should be included in every family photo and what a better way to start than engagement photos! Working with a professional pet photographer will help make sure your pets, as well as the engaged couple, have a fun time during the session.

  2. Great explanation on why to include your dog in your engagement photos. Memories are forever and having a photo will keep this memory alive forever!!

  3. OK, I need advice. How do I convince my husband to do this? I mean, I know it’s not an engagement shoot since we’ve been married for what seems like forever some days but I would love to get Mr. Shy Guy into a family session. It sucks that he won’t do it.

    1. You are going on an adventure! He won’t even know I”m there 🙂 I’ll use a long lens and keep things super laid back as you all enjoy the outing with your pooch at your favorite place!

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