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Bohemian Round Frame

5 Unique Round Frames For Your Dog Photography

I love being able to offer stunning, unique, high quality products in my pet photography business.  I’ve done a lot of searching for vendors who I use for products and art work that represent my brand and that I know my clients will fall in love with. I have products from around the world, but my barn wood is custom crafted here in the United States in Missouri.  The company works with a small number of photographers and their frames are individually made and each are unique for a client. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite styles of frames, “round”.  These are beautiful as a larger 30″ statement piece in the home, and the also look nice combined with rectangle frames in a collection.  If you have a smaller space to fill, a 14″ or 16″ fits nicely into the space.  Maybe you want to “go big” above the couch? We can custom make it for you!  Here are a few styles of the round frames that I offer. 

1. Barn Wood Round

The barnwood round is one of my new offerings for 2021 – My “physical” sample is on the way as I right!  This frame features a soft distressed off-white inner edge with a wood outer border. The two pups are from their Tails of the North Shore photo session.  Walt is at Allyn Cox Reservation and Zoee is at Old Town Hill.

Barnwood Round Frame
Old Town Hill in Newbury

2. Farmhouse Round

The Farmhouse Round frames use a hand painted technique that gives the frame character and a “farmhouse feel” while the round shape and beveled edge design creates a modern and unique look.   This style frame comes in a variety of colors:  taupe, cream, leather, greige, ebony, sage, white, and metallic rose. (below shown in “cream”)

Farmhouse Round Frame

3. Aged Bohemian Round

The Aged Bohemian Rounds feature texture and color  that looks similar to antique furniture. Colors are muted and slightly worn like you would see on beautiful  antique pieces.

Bohemian Round Frame

4. Hand Hewn Round

The Hand Hewn Round frames comes in cream and features a beautiful hand carved texture. This frame worked perfectly for Penelope’s sunrise beach photo session – the soft colors fo the sky, and her white fur make this frame a perfect style. 

Hand Hewn Round Penelope

5. Antique Black Round

The Antique Black round frame is another new style for 2021.  It has a “weathered” look that resemble antique worn furniture.  This frame looks lovely with black and white images.

Antique Black Round-Sophie

I’d love to design a one-of-a-kind unique round frame or YOUR dog!  Prior to our photo session we meet up “virtually” to plan our location and the images we’d like to capture.  Everything is customized for you!  Are you interested in learning more about a photo session with your dog?

Thank you so much for stopping by!  This is a blog circle with posts from professional pet photographers around the world. Next up is Kylee Doyle of Kylee Doyle Photography, serving pet parents in the greater Sacramento area.  Kylee is also publishing a book soon called Tails of Sacrament – be sure to check it out!  Enjoy your weekend!  

5 thoughts on “5 Unique Round Frames For Your Dog Photography”

  1. These frames look great. It’s nice that you can customize the design & the color of the frame to fit the colors in the photo. Extra nice touch for the client.

  2. Dachshund, beach, sunrise, gorgeous round wood frame. STOP! I can’t handle the beauty! I’m so jealous of these, they’re so unique and beautiful, the perfect compliment to your stunning images!

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