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Siberian Husky on dock Squam Lake Holderness, NH

7 Epic Ways to Celebrate a Fireworks Free Summer with your Dog in New England

Boom! Ooohhh Ahhhh Ooooo… Fireworks are a blast… literally! As the week of July 4th approaches, I’m having flashbacks of my previous dog, Kota, and the anxiety she endured this time of year. The unexpected booms (ugh!) are terrifying for so many pets. That doesn’t mean you and your dog can’t have an epic summer filled with adventure! Ditch the crowds and embrace the quiet “firework forbidden” places and get ready to create some unforgettable memories with your non-fireworks-loving pooch! (Be sure to check out my tips for how to help your dog stay anxiety free this July 4th.)

I’ve created a list of 7 unique ways to celebrate summer with your pup, focusing on calmness, exploration, and quality time together. Check the summer events schedule for fireworks shows – so you can avoid them – and get ready! You’re about to embark on a summer with your dog in a whole new way!

Fireworks display

1. DIY dog splash pad

Think you need a fancy water park to take your dog to? You don’t even need to rent a Sniffspot for this! You can create your own backyard oasis, and even invite your pup’s friend’s to enjoy the fun. Purchase a kiddie pool (check out your local marketplace to save some cash, too) or a sprinkler attachment and let your pup run crazy! Choose a time earlier in the day if you have lots of neighbors, before the picnics and gatherings pick up. Bonus points for fun when you add some waterproof fetch toys into the mix. And for you? Chill in a hammock or comfy lounge chair and relax!

2. Scavenger hunt

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell! Using that sense of smell will keep your pup entertained and also uses up energy and can tire them out. Engage your dog’s sense of smell by setting up a fun scavenger hunt right in your backyard, or even in the house. Hide their favorite treats – you can even keep them on a leash – I promise you they will still have a blast! Enjoy this activity any time of the year when you feel like your dog might be bored.

My dog, Halo, despises the heat! Being in the air conditioned house all day, she does get a lot of pent-up energy. I play this with her all summer long to keep her entertained.

Below: A new favorite treat of Halo’s from Bellcate School dog treats:

Bellcate School dog treats Maine
Bellcate School dog treat – Maple Moose

3. SUP with your pup

Yes! I am putting this here because I WANT to do SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) with Halo! She loves to stand on things and balance. She’s not much of a water dog, though, so I’m not sure if being “on” the water will be a scary thing. If you have a brave pooch, I do think this would be a wonderful way to bond with your dog! Search local workshops given by a positive reinforcement dog trainers that teach. I found this one coming up in August with Golden Dog Adventure in Rye, NH: SUP with your pup, Rye Harbor.

4. Sunrise hike

Summers can be hot and humid in New England. With the longer days and earlier sunrises, it’s much quieter and cooler at this time of day. While neighbors are sleeping in from their late night parties, beat the heat with a pre-dawn hike on your favorite trails with your dog. First light is a half hour before sunrise, so head out nice and early and catch a stunning sunrise along the coast.

Many of the beaches in New England do “not” permit dogs in the summer, so be sure to check the rules/regulations prior. There are also many spots along the coast you can pull over and do a walk. We love heading up to Rye, NH, with Halo to watch a sunrise. We park just north of Wallis Sands beach, pull in one of the little side spots, and sit on the rocks and watch the cotton candy colors emerge.

Here was a cloudy morning at sunrise in Rye, NH:

Sunrise with a husky Rye, NH
Peaceful Sunrise in Rye, NH

5. Morning coffee meet up

This brings me to after your sunrise hike…

Do you love breakfast? Our favorite place to enjoy a breakfast after our Rye visit is Lil’s Cafe in Kittery, Maine. They make a homemade dog treat and for humans they have THE BEST maple crullers and almond croissants! Sit outside on their patio with your pup and enjoy! Bring your dog’s mat and work on a little bit of training. They just opened up a new location in Dover, NH, too, called Stella’s!

Have a social dog? There will likely be summer tourists enjoying a morning coffee and your pup will get some social time! Have your treats ready!

lil's cafe kittery maine
Lil’s Cafe assortment of amazing pastry

6. Massage

Massage is a great way for your pup to relax after a long and adventurous day.  There are many pet-safe massage techniques you can learn at home. Focus on gentle strokes along your dog’s back, legs, and chest. This not only feels good but it strengthens that connection between you.

Siberian husky massage
Halo loves some massage

7. Chill at a dog friendly vineyard

Vineyards can be very peaceful and many vineyards in New England offer sprawling expansive spaces where your pup can meander while you savor locally crafted wine. It’s a perfect setting to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, meet other dog lovers, and explore the beautiful countryside together.

My favorite “go to” vineyard is Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH. The wine AND food is amazing and they have a beautiful patio space where your dog can chill. If you are free on August 4th, be sure to swing by Wine for Wags, a dog friendly even support Live Free Animal Rescue. You may even see Halo on a wine bottle for purchase!

Yellow Lab enjoying the vines zorvino vineyards in NH
Vineyard owner’s pup, Vinny, enjoying the grounds

From these 7 epic adventures, you and your adventure-loving dog can find a special few that will help fill your summer with unforgettable warm weather fun, all without the stress of fireworks. So don’t hide in your house with the curtains drawn (I’ve been there!) throughout the fireworks season!

Grab your dog’s leash, cold water, and favorite treats, and get ready to explore a fireworks-free summer! Enjoy!!! Please comment if you have some favorites to share!

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  1. Great tips on how to have less stress on the Fourth with fireworks & still have a wonderful Summer Adventure with your dog. Love the Photo of the Pastry. The Maple Crullers & Almond Croissants are making me hungry!!!


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