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Chihuahua Dog Wedding

A Fairy-Tale Dog Wedding

Guess what I did this past week? I attended AND photographed my first dog wedding EVER! Yes, I sure did! For two amazing senior chihuahuas at the MSPCA at Nevin’s Farm. It was amazing!

Max and Emma are two of the long-term shelter dogs at the MSPCA. I’m not sure the exact date they arrived, but I’ve photographed them several times, and they even modeled for Valentine’s photos in early February. They are a “bonded” pair, meaning it is in the shelter’s best interest to keep them together. They are both 10 years old and have lived together their entire lives. If you were taken from your partner after 10 years of spending ever day together, that would be heartbreaking. These two deserve to be in a home with one another.

When I received the email, “Darlene, would you like to photograph Max and Emma’s wedding ceremony to help get them adopted?” I didn’t have to think for a second. “Yes, of course! I’d be honored!”

We planned the wedding day for Thursday, April 25th at 11:30 AM. I reached out to a friend and fellow pet photographer, Susannah Maynard of Pet Love Photography, for a bit of inspiration – I knew she tackled this before! Here are her images from Bo and Coco’s Wedding. Aren’t they adorable? They are chihuahuas, too, just like Max and Emma!

The bride looked stunning! Emma wore a white wedding dress with embroidered silver ribbon. We started things off with her “Bridal Portraits”. A lovely shelter volunteer put together a fresh flower necklace along with a bouquet. Doesn’t she look amazing?

Beautiful bridal portrait of chihuahua, Emma
Beautiful Bride
Emma rocking her wedding dress and flower crown during a dog wedding ceremony
Dog Bridal Portrait for Emma by Pant the Town Photography

Emma is just the cutest! That little grin! She was such a happy and proud bride!

Here is Max for his “Groomsman Portrait”. What a handsome hunk!

Dapper Max

After their portraits, we attempted to pose them together. It wasn’t easy! Even though Max is a bit worried around people, he still did amazing!

Bride and Groom dogs, Max and Emma, posing during their wedding ceremony

We found the best way to pose them was having two of the staff members hold each dog over their shoulder. This worked out perfect!

Chihuahuas Max and Emma posing for their wedding portrait at the MSPCA Nevins Farm

And the best photo for last! Here is the KISS!

Max and Emma share a "kiss" after their wedding vows

How sweet is that? I just love these two! I sure hope this helps them find their forever home!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited to say that I am more than happy to photograph YOUR dog’s wedding if it’s something you might consider doing! It will be amazing and I will even include the cake! I feel that’s the one thing we missed was the wedding cake 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A Fairy-Tale Dog Wedding”

  1. Great idea, a Chihuahua Wedding. All the shots and colors are excellent. They make a great couple and hope they are adopted soon. They deserve a wonderful family.

  2. Owe the wedding photos.. Nice! Favs are the the bow toe and luv the black and white image – so cute. Big fan of the black and white pictures! Adopt – adopt : )

  3. OMGosh, I need to visit your blog more often!!! This is the sweetest thing! Look at the smile on her face! ❤️

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