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Adoptable husky mix mspca

A Southern Foster’s First Snow

I brought home a foster dog. She’s from the south. We FINALLY got a dusting of snow this season on December 12th. It’s not much…. but it was enough to make me and my little husky mix foster super excited!

The Foster Dog

Yes, I brought home a foster. But… I didn’t tell my husband I was bringing her home. Whoops! He was traveling in NY all last week. I kinda think she needed me. Or maybe it was that I needed her.

Her name is (or was, I should say) “Connie” and she has a “wonky” leg. I know my mom will be reading this post, but sorry, mom, I had to change her name as she couldn’t have the same name as you. I’m calling her “Halo”, which means “divine aura” or “circle of light”. It fits her perfectly.

Adoptable husky mix
“Connie” shared with me from the staff at the MSPCA

She’s about a year and a half old. She is NOT a typical husky. She loves to cuddle!

Halo sleeps a lot. I’m sure she’s decompressing. She came up to the MSPCA Nevins Farm on a transport from SC. Also, when they went to spay her, they found out she was pregnant. They terminated her pregnancy. She carries stuffed toys around the house like they were her babies and lays with them. It breaks my heart.

The Husband

I truly love my husband. He has a heart of gold. But… he wasn’t too thrilled about coming home from traveling in NY with a “new” pup in the house. He’s not ready after the loss of our Kota four months ago. I”m not ready, either. But Halo popped up and I felt I needed to give her a cozy place, even if just for a short time. Are we ever ready? I don’t know. It just felt right to get her out of the shelter, even if its a step to her forever home.

Both Halo and I are working on twisting Pete’s arm! She really is a love bug. I will keep you all posted on that part.

I did come home from an art class her first night with us with the two of them sound asleep in the bed together. It made my heart happy.

adoptable husky mix sleeping
Making herself right at home

First Snow

I was thrilled to hear we would be getting some snow! How exciting for Halo, a husky mix who has never seen the fluffy white stuff!

Since she was spayed and I’m supposed to keep her a bit calm, she has only been on leash. I also worry a bit about her front leg and her running around too much.

She wanted to run!!! She did a few spins at the end of the leash. It was wonderful to see that bit of joy come out in the midst of her being a bit depressed.

Little video of the nugget (sorry not the best quality!)

Learning To Pose

Halo is a natural! Already an expert “poser”. Of course I had to take a few portraits of her. It was a challenge to not let her off leash …. I wanted so much to see her run and jump!

She has beautiful dark eyes that glisten. I love the outline of her ears. After looking through her pictures, I realized her nose was just like Kota’s – that “snow nose” with a hint of pink. It brought tears to my eyes.

Connie husky mix first snow
Pretty Halo
Connie husky mix first snow 2
Connie husky mix first snow 3
LOVES stuffed toys!

I wish it was more snow, and I wish I could have permitted Halo to run more! We had a blast enjoying the little bit of white fluffy stuff that we did have.

Around the Circle

This post is part of a pet photographers blog circle with our topic begin Snow Day! Click on the link to follow along – you might see some snowy images…. or “lack of snow”images!

Next up Northern California pet photographer Kylee Doyle shares her first snow day on her new property in Placerville. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “A Southern Foster’s First Snow”

  1. Congrats on the sneaky new foster pup! She looks like a gem, I hope you get a TON of snow for her to embrace her husky side fully (after she heals from the spay of course!). Her wonky legs don’t seem to bother her and man is she CUTE!

  2. She is beautiful . I’m sure your hubby is coming around already. Halo will soak up all the love you will give her while she is with you.

  3. What a beautiful looking Husky Mix! Love her colors!! The picture of her posing is gorgeous. She is a natural poser. Glad you found her to foster as she will bring you joy during this difficult time during the holiday season since the loss of Kota. I hope You & Pete decide to keep her!!

  4. Halo is beautiful. Thanks for helping her. My husband is used to my unannounced animal acquisitions, but when animals drop into our lives, there is a reason. Go with your heart.

  5. Halo is stunning and I think all Husky’s are born with the “pose gene”, like Corgis and Heelers, you really can’t take a bad picture of one! I hope she settles in nicely for you and maybe even hangs around through the holidays to enjoy the love and a family Christmas.

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