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Happy husky

Action Fun with a Husky Mix

Does your dog LOVE to run?

Welcome to week 37 of our Pet Photographer’s blog circle!  I can’t believe we are already into September – time if flying by! This week is all about “action” and I decided to grab the camera and shoot some backyard fun with my husky mix, Kota – she LOVES to run!

She’s getting older and it definitely is showing – she does a few sprints and then she’s DONE!  Kota has a sprinting path in the backyard – it’s  a big loop!  It makes me nervous when she sprints – she’s been known to break a nail now and again which leads to a not-so-fun excursion to the vet’s office.  But today we were injury free!  Here she is in action – happy face and ears perked! 

Running husky mix
Kota Action Blog2
Happy husky

As you can see, our yard is very green!  I can’t wait until autumn with reds and oranges!  Kota looks better in fall colors! 

Can your dog catch a treat?

Another “action” activity Kota loves to do is catch a treat!  After doing her sprints (which she knows “sprint” on cue), she deserves some tasty chicken!  Here’s Kota in action with a treat! 

Dog catching treats
Kota Action Blog5

Kota has always done well with catching her treats in the air!!!  We had a fun few minutes – then she was ready for a nap!  The joy of running and treat catching – she has the life!!!

Thanks for stopping by this week’s blog!  Next up in our blog circle is Pet Love Photography, photographing Cincinnati area dogs for Tails of Cincinnati, a book project for charity.  Be sure to check out Susannah’s book project if you are in the Cincinnati area!  She and I are both doing fundraising book projects to help animals in shelters and tell stories of pets around the world 🙂  Have a great weekend and follow along our circle to see some fun action photos from pet photographer’s around the world!  

4 thoughts on “Action Fun with a Husky Mix”

  1. I’m seeing the age in Hermes more and more every day, too. As long as they’re having fun for those few minutes then I’ll take it. There’s nothing more satisfying than having an older dog who lets you know they still loving being with you. Wonderful shots!

  2. Great running shots. Love the catch a treat shots. That’s the truth as you age you slow down, but Kota still has the energy to feel young again.

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