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Valentine adoptable boxer mixes in NH

Adopt Your Furry Valentine At Salem Animal Rescue League In NH

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Don’t wait for flowers or chocolates – get out there and adopt your furry Valentine. I came across a few cuties who might check off the boxes and be your perfect match. These beauties are available to adopt at the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH.

A beautiful portrait of an adoptable animal helps them be seen and in turn, helps them find a forever home. I love when I’m able to carve some time in my schedule to visit a local shelter and photograph adoptable animals for their websites or petfinder.

My friend, Danielle, who used to assist me when I taught dog training classes, is now the adoption dog coordinator at SARL in NH. I love getting out there and we have a blast with the dogs!

I went out there yesterday and I met these four amazing pups that I’d love to share with you:

Precious – Pitbull Mix

Precious has been at the shelter waaayyyy too long! I think this was the 4th time I saw her while visiting. Here was my write up of her:

Surprised to see this adorable squishy face…again?

Can you believe she is STILL looking for her soulmate?

This cutie patootie shortcake, Precious, is not giving up! Could you be her Valentine match?💕

She does prefer the ladies (honesty is important in every relationship and so is knowing what you want!). She will steal your heart with her wiggles and waggles and sweet smile…and maybe even a smooch or two! 😘

Picture yourself snuggled on the couch watching Netflix movies by the crackling fire with Precious – we still have cold days left this winter!

Precious is a bit picky with dog friends (as the little lady should be!) – but it is possible. You might just want her all for yourself – She IS the total package!

Chester – Pitbull Mix

Chester is another adorable adoptable Pitbull Mix at Sarl. We put him in this fun retro bandana which he ROCKED!

Here is my little clip on Chester:

All this talk about soul dogs and heart dogs that rock our world…..BUT….

Maybe you just haven’t met you soulmate yet?!!!

Today I met this adorable handsome hippo, Chester, at Salem Animal Rescue League🥰 He’s just over three years young – the perfect age! He loves walks and cuddles -doesn’t he sound like the perfect Valentine? ❤️ You might make a perfect pair!

adoptable pitbull mix, Chester, SARL NH
Handsome Chester

Mia and Lily – Boxer Mixes

I fell head over heels in love with this bonded pair, Mia and Lily.

Mia, the mama, is six years young and her baby girl, Lily, is two. The have so much energy and love to play! Two beauties.

Look at their sweet faces? How can you resist?

Who’s a Good Dog in New England

One of my good friends and I that met while volunteering, started our own Facebook page years ago (Who’s a Good Dog in New England) to help dogs find their forever homes. I do some of the photos, and we also cross post for other rescues and shelters throughout New England. If you know of anyone who might be interested in being featured, please let us know!

HeartsSpeak – Arists Helping Animals

I’ve been a member of HeartsSpeak for the past 6 years. HeartsSpeak is a nonprofit global community of artists with a common goal of helping shelter pets be seen and also being a voice for the animals.

I love this mission statement right from their page:

“HeARTs Speak’s Mission is to use creativity and art to amplify the lifesaving of animal shelters and rescues by helping them build deeper connections with their communities”.

If you are nonprofit looking for a photographer or artist, be sure to check out their website! If you are in New England, definitely drop me a line and I’d love to connect!

Did you find your Valentine match?

6 thoughts on “Adopt Your Furry Valentine At Salem Animal Rescue League In NH”

  1. These New Hampshire dogs are lucky to have you take their adoptable dog pictures. That’s great that you have a relationship with the shelter manager. I’m sure she appreciate your help taking photos of their shelter dogs.

  2. Great Pics of these adorable, adoptable pooches!! It’s great that you are taking time out to showcase some beautiful adoptable dogs photos you took & helping to get them adopted by doing this.

  3. Thanks for once again showcasing dogs in need of soft landing spots. I too am a member of Hearts Speak, and just started back to shelter work recently. Your photos are sure to help these cuties get more visibility.

  4. There’s something about making adoptable dog photos that doesn’t feel like work. You know what I mean? I’m so glad New Hampshire has someone like you to help these dogs find their forever homes. It reminds me I need to reach out to my shelter and see if they need me.

  5. These adoptable dogs look like they would be wonderful Valentines! It is awesome that you are helping them find their next home with wonderful photographs!

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