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Backyard Golden Hour

It’s been 8 weeks since my last photo session.  Wow!  I can’t believe it’s already been that long!  I miss it so much!  Here in Massachusetts, we are one of the last states to be opening up again, and that process will be announced by our Governor on Monday.  I”m not sure where I will fit into the mix with outdoor photography, but I”m hoping to be “shooting” again in June!  I was in touch with Zorvino Vineyards, one of my favorite locations for photos, and they were happy to welcome me be back next month photographing pups on their beautiful grounds!  

In the meantime, Kota has been my ever-so-patient model!  With the new “norm” on that way, I thought photographing her in our backyard at “golden hour” would be perfect for this week’s topic of our Pet Photography Blog topic of “Golden Hour”.  I have a feeling that I will be doing more photo sessions in the comfort and quiet of a clients backyard, so I’m going to show how beautiful golden light can be for images.

What is golden hour?  It’s the time frame about an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset with the most magical light!  I admit to not being a morning person, but I WILL wake up early to schedule a photo session to get this soft, beautiful, “golden” light.  The middle of the day  produces a much harsher, white light.  If you aren’t a morning person, fear not!  We can meet up in the evening.  

Our backyard isn’t the most beautiful spot this time of year.  We have a fenced in yard, the back and sides being chain-linked.  Behind the fence are acres of woods and we do have some beautiful wildlife! The past week Kota and I have been watching for a fox who passes through.  I ALMOST got a picture this  morning!  Maybe by next week!  

The first image is more greenery, along with our forsythia in the yard.  The yellow will be gone soon – doesn’t last long enough! 

Backyard Golden Light

The next few images are front lighting.  As you can see, this side of the yard has less greens and leaves on the trees, allowing for that “golden light” to shine through.  The area behind the shed is a little “swamp” – the deer love to pass through and take a bath!  Notice Kota’s ears have their own expression haha!  

Husky Mix Backyard Golden Light 3
Husky at Golden Hour
Golden Hour with a Husky Mix

Backyard sessions might just be the “new” thing!  If you have a yard, beautiful pictures can be made with the right light at the right time of day.  

Next up in our blog circle is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and destinations nationwide.  Check out Susannah’s post to see her take on Golden Hour and follow along to see some amazing images from Pet Photographers around the world! Have a great weekend!  

9 thoughts on “Backyard Golden Hour”

  1. I love the last image; there’s something about a dog looking up and away that makes the image so wistful. Great job in your backyard and I do feel like Kota’s ears are having a conversation with me :).

    1. Thanks, Angela! With my husband and I home all the time, she thinks she can stay in her backyard 24 hours a day haha!

  2. Great shots, especially the last one. Kota is becoming a pro model with all the pictures she has been posing for.

  3. Loves the outdoors, tough to keep her in with all the smells and action. For sure.. thinks she runs the show with us home. Great pics!

  4. Such beautiful photos! The lighting is absolutely lovely and Kota is the perfect model. I wish you well in these strange times and hope that all goes well with the opening of your State.

  5. Kota is such a wonderful subject! I love the first and last photos, with the bit darker backgrounds, but all of your images truly showcase Kota’s personality!

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