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Photographer Darlene Woodward with her soul dog

Becoming A Pet Loss Grief Specialist Photographer

I am pet loss grief specialist. I am here to help you on your journey through anticipatory grief.

The timing of my certification was an emotional one. I was going through the training program with Grief Coach Angela Schneider during the time that I said “good bye” (“lifted up”) my soul dog Kota. (Saying Goodbye)

Honestly, It could not have been better timing. The tools that I learned not only are helping me with my dog photography clients during their dog’s anticipatory grief phase, it helped my through my own grieving process.

Senior black lab zorvino vineyards
Vineyard Joy

What is a Certified Grief Specialist?

A certified grief specialist is a professional who has undergone specialized training and education to help individuals cope with the various stages of grief and loss. These specialists have the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance and support to people who are experiencing intense emotions related to the loss of a loved one, a pet, a job, or any other significant loss.

To become a certified grief specialist, individuals typically need to complete a training program that covers topics such as grief theory, grief counseling techniques, communication skills, and self-care strategies. My program for becoming a pet loss grief specialist covered topics such as “The Art of Healing”, “Managing Grief”, “Pet Loss Grief”, and “Storytelling” to name a few.

Senior dog in stroller
Celebrating Clover

Why is this important?

A pet loss grief specialist can be a valuable resource for dog photography clients who are experiencing the anticipatory phase of pet loss. I love being able to provide a compassionate and supportive environment for you and all my clients during my Memory Session experiences.

Having been through the experience with my own dog, I have a deep amount of empathy. Very few pet photographers provide this special service and I am proud to be able to share with others.

dog and mom winthrop harbor in MA
A dog mom’s bond

How I can help you

Here are some ways that I can help you and my clients:

  1. Providing emotional support to my clients: Losing a pet can be a very difficult and emotional experience. I can provide clients with emotional support during this time, helping them to process their feelings of grief and loss. I’m here to listen to your stories.
  2. Offering guidance on coping strategies: I can offer clients guidance on coping strategies, such as practicing self-care, reaching out to friends and family for support, and seeking professional help if needed. I have a list of resources from in-home euthanasia veterinarians to animal communicators that can be of assistance.
  3. Understanding the unique relationship between pets and their owners: I have a deep understanding of the unique bond that exists between pets and their owners. This can be helpful in dog photography sessions, as I can help create images that truly reflect that special bond you share with your heart dog.
  4. Helping clients honor their pet’s memory: I can help you find ways to honor your pet’s memory. This might include creating a memorial or tribute to the pet, or finding other ways to keep their memory alive.
senior dog trail walk at stone arch bridge in massachusetts
A walk on the trail

Find a Pet Loss Grief Specialist Photographer

I highly recommend reaching out to a certified pet loss grief specialist photographer if your dog is a senior, terminally ill, or in their end-of-life phase. It’s an emotional time and you will want the best professional to work with. These portraits are extremely important.

one last network grief specialist

Around the Circle

This post is a part of a pet photographer’s blog circle. Our topic we are tackling this week is End Of Life. Please follow along and I’m sure you will find some valuable information this week. Next up Syracuse NY photographer Nancy of Nancy Kieffer Photography describes how her legacy sessions celebrate your pets life and bond with you. Nancy is also a certified pet loss grief specialist if you are in the Syracuse area.

2 thoughts on “Becoming A Pet Loss Grief Specialist Photographer”

  1. Glad to read that you became a “Pet Loss Grief Specialist Photographer.” Hoping more people take advantage of this valuable service!

  2. Oh, my sisterfriend, to have you on this journey means more to me than you could possibly imagine. Even before the training, I have no doubt you were an incredible support to your clients at end of life pet photography sessions. You are a force of kindness and compassion.

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