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Bernese Mountain Dog Love

Carefree Blades and Bruin Explore the Vineyard

Blades Bruin Ravida Vineyard 8
Handsome Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bruin and Blades

Kim Ravida knows everything there is to know about Pant the Town Photography.  How is that?  I met Kim several  years back at a surprise drive by baby shower here in Georgetown during the pandemic.  I had my camera and was grabbing some photos of the fun decorated cars.  This woman shows up with her gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog.  And you guessed it!  I was drawn to photographing the Berner!

The woman was is Kim Ravida and she has a love for everything Bernese Mountain Dog. She has two, Blades and Bruin.  Can you guess where the names come from? Avid hockey fans!  Below is the picture of Bruin from that day.  I shared it with Kim, and she adored it!  That is how we first met.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Bruin Rocking a head tilt

Kim is a member of the Women’s Business League, like I am, but a different chapter.  She is currently in the “virtual” chapter, and I am a member of Georgetown.  WBL is a great network of women supporting and connecting with women in business. I highly recommend if you are a business owner. They began here in MA, but are expanding all over the country. 

Fast forward….

The driveby baby shower was not the last time I would see Kim Ravida.  She is a business coach and taught a Money Mindset course for the Women’s Business League. I loved everything she was all about and after that 5 week course I attended virtually, I continued to work with her one-on-one.  She’s passionate about what she does. She wants to see small businesses succeed. Kim helped me get organized and has helped me grow Pant the Town Photography over the past few years.  She keeps me in check!  

After knowing the ins-and-outs of Pant the Town Photography over the past few years, I was honored that Kim said she wanted to experience working with ME!  We were turning the tables!

Kim knows where I photograph. She knows my favorite locations.  She also knows that I love waking up in the dark and meeting for a sunrise, but that wasn’t going be be part of her plan – haha!  She prefers evenings (which is perfectly fine)!  She knows all of my products and loves the unique barnwood frames that I offer. 

Any guess where we planned to meet?  The vineyard!  My favorite spot!  We met at Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH.  I knew it would be quiet and with Bernese Mountain Dogs, they would have some space to explore. I met her wonderful husband, Joe, and we got to photographing.  Blades and Bruin did amazing!  Look at those smiles!

Bernese Mountain Dog Love
All Smiles
Bruin and Mom
Joy with Blades
Blades Bruin Ravida Vineyard 4
The Ravida Family
Blades Bruin Ravida Vineyard 5
Dad and Dogs

We also made sure to get a picture of the beautiful couple.

Couple in the Vineyard
Beautiful Couple

And of course we couldn’t forget a headshot for Kim’s website!  I’m not going to throw her under the bus and tell you when the last time she update her headshot was.  If you are wondering how often you should update yours, at least every two years is a good plan. 

Kim Ravida Coaching
Kim Ravida

What a fun day!!!  I just placed Kim’s order and she is doing two framed portraits of the pups, along with a 7 image collage, and a 7 image calligraphy collage.  I can’t wait to see everything!  If you are looking for a business coach, I highly recommend Kim Ravida with Kim Ravida Coaching. (I know she is going to update that photo on her site any day now!!!). Even her newsletter is worth signing up for with weekly tips.  

Does the idea of a photo session with your pups AND updating headshots for your business sound like a great plan to you?  Contact me and let’s chat more about your vision: 

This blog post is part of a pet photographer’s blog circle and we have a big group this week! Be sure to click on the link at the end of each post to follow along and see some amazing work and stories from pet photographers around the world.  Next up is Linda Perdue of VPShoots Photography sharing a recent rescue dog photo session at the park.  Hope you enjoy! 

10 thoughts on “Carefree Blades and Bruin Explore the Vineyard”

  1. So nice that you were both able to offer your services to each other! And those Bernie’s and their big smiles, too cute. Love this location.

  2. All the colors!! Wow, so gorgeous! I’m sure she’s over the moon with the beautiful images! I checked out her page to sign up for her emails, but I don’t think she likes gmail addresses. lol

  3. Berners are my second favorite breed! I have a wonderful friend in Calgary who is attached to Bernese Mountain Dogs in the same way I’m attached to Maremma sheepdogs. You just reminded me how bad the four of us — Dana, Sully the Berner, Bella and me — need to get together this summer.

  4. Great story on how you met Kim & that you both were able to help each other in your business ventures! The photos of the Bernese with the beautiful flowers as a background are gorgeous. Nice Shots of Kim with her husband & her alone.

  5. Such a lovely family! Your session photos are beautiful. I also liked the story of how you met Kim, and the resulting trade-off. Good stuff!

  6. What a great story and connect you two made, dogs bring us together. These boys are beyond handsome, I too would have ditched the baby shower and spent time with the dog LOL. Beautiful images, that location is such a find for you!

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