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Dawn at Wallis Sands Beach

Colorful Sunrise In Rye, NH

First off:  How are YOU doing? I’m thinking of all of you! 

It’s been a challenging few weeks for all of us – the whole “unknown” of what’s going on in the world with this virus.  We are told to “stay positive” and we all are doing our darn best to do that!  Fortunately I was able to get a few outdoor photo sessions in, but as it is recommended to stay home these days, things will be getting a bit on the quieter side.  I will be focusing on some personal projects through photography and catching up on reading and learning through all of this.  We can do this!!!

Despite all that is going on at this time, I am very excited to blog this week!  The topic for this week’s post in our Pet Photography Blog Circle is “Colorful” and this is perfect timing for colorful images!  I know that color makes me smile.  It brings joy.  Dogs AND colorful = happiness during tough times!

This week I am sharing a sunrise session with gorgeous standard poodle, Ivy.  We met on a Sunday morning – I can’t say “bright” and early because it was complete darkness!  It was the morning of daylight savings, which means my 4:30 AM wake up was really 3:30 AM – oh my!  

I drove up the coast to Wallis Sands Beach in Rye, NH.  Our meeting spot was a rocky area just up from the sandy beach.  It was a chilly morning of 23 degrees. At around 6:30 AM beautiful colors adorned the darkness. When photographing early in the morning, the light changes rapidly.  The first images captured were silhouettes.  

Sunrise Silhouette Poodle

As the light changes, we slowly get a little bit more detail.  The colors change as the sun gets closer to rising. 

Dawn at Wallis Sands Beach
Dawn at Wallis Sands Beach

The next image is right around sunrise – the blues taking over the sky as the sun comes up.  We had the perfect morning!  After the sun comes up, it usually becomes too bright …  we were fortunate to have a bit of cloud coverage added to the colors to create a mood.  

Sunrise in Rye, NH

I hope this bit of beautiful color brightens your day!  Stay healthy, stay safe, stay strong!  Please click on the next link to see some more stunning, colorful images from Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching portraits in Coppell and surrounding communities in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.  I was fortunate to meet up with Tracy last summer while she was visiting New England.  Her work is amazing and I know you will love her post!

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!  

18 thoughts on “Colorful Sunrise In Rye, NH”

  1. GAH! So awesome Darlene, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful these images are, such a great job and I can only imagine how thrilled the client was. I wish more would be willing to set the alarm early, they’d be so richly rewarded as with these images!

    1. Thank you so much, Tracy! I appreciate it! I do wish more people would wake up for this with me – worth it!!!

  2. ” You really got up that early.” Great shots. All your sunrise and sunset photos are great. Poodles are great subjects for photo shoots and respond well to commands.

  3. I absolutely love the colors and how it changes on Ivy. Even in the last picture, you can see some of the remaining colors on her legs! Your explanation or narration is great too…like reading a fun story!

    1. Thank you so much, Maggie! Nothing like a sunrise and the beautiful colors 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. Wow! Ok, yes it is getting ‘old’ because all we are doing is staying at home – but I have to say that I totally admire you for getting up and going out to shoot at that time of day in the freezing cold! The photographs you shared look like it was well worth it to me! They are beautiful.

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