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Snow Nose or Winter Nose

Details of a Dog’s “Snow Nose”

Does your dog have a “snow nose”?  Are you wondering what in the world I am talking about?  I”m here this week to share some images of a “snow nose”, also known as “winter nose”, which occurs in some breeds and mixes.  

What is “snow nose”?  It’s a temporary loss of  pigment in a dog’s nose occurring during the winter months.  This decrease in pigmentation changes the color of the nose from dark/black to pink.  Sometimes it’s smaller spots, and sometimes it can be a pink strip down the middle.  Shepherds, Huskies, Bernese  Mountain dogs, and Retrievers are some of the breeds where it is common.

My dog, Kota, who is a husky mix, doesn’t have a black nose, but the pink hues in it become more prominent during the winter months.  Her nose is my favorite feature to photograph the “details” of.  When I can catch little droplets of snow coating her whiskers, ever better!   Here are a few detailed captures of Kota’s “snow nose”.  

Snow Nose or Winter Nose
Snow Nose
Image of a snow nose
Winter Nose
Snow Nose

It is a good thing that a “snow nose” has nothing to do with snow!  We haven’t had winter yet here in MA and Kota and I are patiently waiting to get out the snowshoes.  Fingers crossed!

Thank you so much for stopping by this week’s post!  Next up is Kelly with Little White Dog Pet Photography in Sioux Falls, SD.  Be sure to click on the link to see what Kelly has for us in “details” this week!  I love her work!

Enjoy your weekend!!!  

6 thoughts on “Details of a Dog’s “Snow Nose””

  1. I love these images and I’ve always known this condition as “Dudley nose” but when I looked it up I learned that Dudley is a permanent condition where the breed is supposed to have a black nose and “snow nose” is the temporary one. I learned something today (oh, and Ginger has a snow nose too – I’ve just always called it a Dudley nose LOL).

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