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Endicott Park Dog Photo Session

Discover Dog Friendly Endicott Park

Looking for a great dog friendly park to enjoy with your pup?  Endicott Park in Danvers, MA, is one of my favorite parks located north of Boston. It’s 165 acres and the park’s landscape includes pastoral views, historic farm building, orchards, woodlands, and marshes, with a network of trails and gravel roads for tranquil strolls.  Please make sure that your dog is ok with farm animals!  Along with goats, chickens, and pigs, you may see a horse on a jaunt. 

Endicott Park was one of my locations in my recent book, Tails of the North Shore.  I had four beautiful dogs make a 2 and a half hour adventurous road trip for their photo session.  I figured it would be another great spot for my upcoming calendar, Say Paws 2022, that raised funds for the MSPCA Nevins Farm in Methuen.  I was so excited when I saw some pumpkins displayed – perfect for October and November months of the calendar!  

Last week I met up with Chloe, Fergie, and Phoebe with their lovely families. Chloe and Fergie are stunning rescue “mutts” and Phoebe is a beautiful rescue cat – yes, you read that correctly!  I have 2 cats in the upcoming calendar and I was thrilled to be photographing them outdoors – so much fun! 

Along with the park being a great place to picnic and enjoy with family, it is always a wonderful park for photos.  The barns and pond make great backdrops, along with the variety of flowers that are in bloom.  Each season offers its own beauty. 

Endicott Park Dog Photo Session
Fergie - Autumn Vibes
Barn Doors at Endicott Park
Barn Backdrop
Dog Friendly Endicott Park 4
Calendar Model, Chloe
Family Photo with Dog at Endicott Park
Beautiful Family

Phoebe was our final session of the evening.  Her family was driving up from Boston and TRAFFIC was in full swing! As it got darker, I got nervous – haha!  They arrived and we had about 15 minutes of light to play with.  And yes, did I mention Phoebe was a cat? Cats are a little bit different than dogs.  A squeak doesn’t get a head tilt!  Phoebe had an adorable collar and leash for on for safety.  She was a rockstar!!!  Yay, Phoebe!  

Cat Photo Session at Endicott Park
Phoebe in the Park
Cat Photo Session in the Park
Phoebe in the Flowers

Be sure to check out Endicott Park!  If you are interested in doing a photo session here, photographer’s do need a permit.  I have never had a problem getting one 2 days prior.  I do prefer doing sessions here during the week, when it is a little bit quieter.  The park is open from dawn until dusk.

Looking to book a session in the park? 

This post is part of a blog circle, with professional pet photographers around the world contributing.  Next up is Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography walking the dog at Lazybrook Park. Click on the link – you are in for a treat!  Elaine does beautiful work!

4 thoughts on “Discover Dog Friendly Endicott Park”

  1. Endicott Park looks like it offers many great location spots! That kitty photo is just awesome. Great job with minimal time and the light fleeting away!

  2. I’m laughing at the comment about being comfortable with farm animals. We lived on a 98-acre farm when we first got Hunter and he was obsessed with the pigs and cows.

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