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Dog Model in Chestnut Brown

Welcome to week 35 of our Pet Photography Blog Circle. This week’s topic is the color Brown!

We’ve had another extreme heat wave here in the northeast.  Temps were in the 90’s and over 100 degrees with the humidity this week – ugh!  We really can’t wait until hoodie and pumpkin spice weather!   I wasn’t sure I’d get this blog post in, but last night I decided to take out a Chestnut brown seamless paper backdrop from Savage Universal and an Alienbee 800 with a softbox.  I asked Kota if she could tackle this week’s assignment.   Her response:  “For steak I will do anything!”

I rarely use this color, but i absolutely love it!  This is a great color (Chestnut) for Kota with her mixed color coat with all of her brown tones.  We started with a simple portrait.  Aw, and even got a smile!


Savage Universal Seamless Paper


Next up, let’s add a “brunette” wig to keep up with the brown theme!  Kota was all smiles showing off her long, flowing locks!  I just love the pink strip down her nose!


Dogs in wigs
Kota as a “Brunette”


And now lets add a US OPEN Bucket hat that’s beige and brown to top things off 🙂  Ahh, the JOY!!!


Dog in a wig with a bucket hat
Kota clearly flirting and enjoying the camera!


Thanks for stopping by our blog circle!  Please click on the link at the end of each post and follow along to see some amazing work from Pet Photographer’s around the world!  Next up is Sandra McCarthy of Sandra McCarthy Photography serving NH.  

Have a wonderful weekend!



12 thoughts on “Dog Model in Chestnut Brown”

  1. Kota can wear anything and look great. I agree with you that the brown backdrop is great to use for Kota. That color really actuates her tones. First picture is really great portrait

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