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Deaf Dog posing on a farm

Dog Photo Session Strategy

Don’t think your dog will ever look at the camera?

Unique Situations

I completely understand there are “unique” situations where my back of noise makers will do absolutely nothing to grab your dog’s attention!  With a little bit of patience and some super smelly dog treats, I’ve got you covered!  

Two of of the dogs I photographed for my recent book, Tails of the North Shore, were deaf.  Louis is deaf and Quinn is deaf, blind and epileptic. We did Louis’ photo session at a beautiful scenic farm. Mom and dad brought super smelly treats, and that was our “go to” for Louis! Another way to grab his attention was movement. I would have his mom or dad do a little “jaunt” behind me top capture his attention.  Isn’t he perfect?  I love his dapper looking bowtie!  

Deaf Dog posing on a farm
Deaf Dog Posing

Meet stunning Quinn!  We decided to keep Quinn safe by doing her photo session indoors.  We highlighted  a lovely boutique store in North Reading, MA, called Brissonte. (be sure to check it out for gifts – amazing!) Here we coud let Quinn wander on a short leash – she’s super attached to mom.  This was all about patience and letting Quinn “do her thing”.  Even though Quinn isn’t looking directly at the camera, we can tell she is engaged with her mom, which tells her story.  Can you tell mom has her favorite treats?!

Photographing a blind and deaf dog

Whether your dog is hearing or sight impaired, obsessed with chasing chipmunks, or simply “stubborn” (lol!), I promise you we will be able capture beautiful images with a few tips, tricks and strategies!  Are you ready to book your pet photo experience?

This week’s blog post is part of a blog circle featuring some amazing pet photographers from around the world!  Next up is Marika Moffitt of Dirtie Dog Photography in Seattle, captures your dog’s best moments one squeak at a time.  Her work is inspiring, so be sure to click on the link and see the beauty she has in store for us this week!  

8 thoughts on “Dog Photo Session Strategy”

  1. Louis is adorable! I had a few deaf/blind dogs come through my lens recently too. What a challenge! You did a great job and I’ve no doubt Tails of the North Shore is gorgeous from cover to cover.

  2. Wow – well, with your video, my dogs looked with the squeaker…nothing else got their attention. Any way, great idea!!! I have worked with deaf dogs – we found movement worked but never a deaf and blind dog! Challenging for sure – great photos to show how well your ideas worked.

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