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Dog Running for the High Energy Pooch

Is your dog destructive?  Do you come home to a chaotic house with potted plants upturned layering the hardwood floors with dirt?  Or sofa cushions ripped to shreds with stuffing everywhere?  Or kitchen chairs unexpectedly off-balance because your dog decided to inhale  an early dinner?  Your dog may be the perfect candidate for Dog Running!

Destructive behavior in adult dogs can occur because of boredom or lack of exercise.  A walk is “good”, but generally is NOT enough exercise for most breeds.  Certain breeds, such as Huskies, Shepherds, Retrievers, Border Collies, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred to work. (picture pulling a sled through the backwoods of Alaska)  If you’ve got an “Energizer Doggy” (like me!) who just keeps going and going, dog running provides the high-octane exercise he needs.  It will help him keep fit and trim while strengthening his muscles and cardiovascular health.  It will increase your dog’s physical coordination and endurance.  Most of all, running will tire out your pooch so he’s calm and happy… what are you waiting for?!!!

Darlene running with her dog
Winter running with my Kota

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