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Zorvino Vineyards dog session

Eager to Book Your Dog Photo Session?

Hi! If you are reading this blog post, i’m guessing you are interested in booking a dog photo session with me!  Congratulations!  I also bet that you might be wondering how to get started on this fun journey?  It’s simple and I’m here to share it with you!  

1. Fill Out An Inquiry 

The inquiry form is the first step, and you will find a “button” throughout my website that you can “click” on. This is where I get to know you. There is the basic stuff like your name, contact info, and pet’s name and then I get a little bit more detailed. 

Do you have a favorite image that you would like captured of your pet? How would you like to display your artwork? What type of location fits your lifestyle and home decor?  I also like to know what days of the week work best for you and if it’s a Memory Session for a senior or terminally ill pet and we need to schedule it promptly.  

I recently photographed Vinny, who is the vineyard mascot!  This location is home to Vinny and here we also grabbed a picture with his “big sister”.

Zorvino Vineyards dog session
Vineyard Location - Pets and People
Unique Round Frame
Custom Unique Round

Are you excited to fill out that inquiry?

2. Let’s Chat!

After you have filled out the inquiry, it’s time for your consultation!  Don’t let that scare you!  We can do this via “zoom” or in-person.  At this time you can tell me all the amazing things about your pet!  I also will share different products that I offer, from barnwood framed prints to albums.  There is no pressure to book!  This consultation is completely complementary, but it’s my goal to get you excited and ready to book!  I answer any questions you might have. If it sounds amazing, we book your session – woohoo!!!

Fine Art Dog Portrait
Memory Session Portrait

Are you interested in a Memory Session with your pet?  Take a look at our new signature package that we are offering:


Wouldn’t you love a beautiful piece like this for your home?

Boho Framed Print

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your dog and getting you started on this fun pet photography journey! Still on the fence?  Stay tuned as next week I will tell you more about how the photo session works!  

This week’s blog post is part of a pet photographer blog circle.  Next up Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography, located in the Endless Mountains of Northeast PA, explains what to expect when booking your pet portraits. Elaine does beautiful work and I know you will enjoy her post! Have a great weekend!  

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  1. Nice explanation on how you can begin the booking of your pet portraits including the memory session and some of the products you offered.

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