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A rescue dog's story

Frankie Goes Home – A Rescue Story


Every rescue animal has a story.  We all love a story with a happy ending, so I’d like to share with you today, Frankie’s story.

In October a local rescue reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in donating something as a prize for a Halloween dog costume winner in 5K fundraising event – how fun!  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the event, but I was so excited when I heard from the winner!

The story is a bit “unique”.  The winner was actually a “foster” of a sweet pup named Frankie.  Frankie has a heart condition and was looking for that special family. He was diagnosed with four different congenital cardiologic conditions.The multiple conditions mean that Frankie is not a candidate for surgery and his life expectancy is only a couple of years.  He is only 10 months old.

Our plan was to get some beautiful images for Frankie’s adoption listing, along with creating some special memories for his foster parents.

We met on a bitter cold morning in December at Kenoza Lake/Winnekenni Castle.  It was in the 20’s and very icy!  Frankie braved the cold and he sported an adorable plaid jacket.  He was a trooper!!!  He had beautiful amber, expressive eyes, and silky “hound” ears.  He was the sweetest!  I wish I could have taken him myself 🙂 

The following images are two of the images used to promote this lovebug on social media. 

Rescue Story Last Hope K9
A rescue story Last Hope k(

I met with Frankie’s foster parents just last week to look through all of the images from our icy adventure.  Here I learned that a little boy had seen the post before Christmas and said to his mom and day, “All I want for Christmas is Frankie”.  A little boy’s Christmas wish!!!  

And guess what happened?  I just learned that the little boy got his Christmas wish and they welcomed Frankie into their home!  This brought tears to my eyes – heartwarming! This is what rescue is all about.   

Blog Rescue Story4
A rescue dog's story

If you are involved in rescue or know of a rescue looking for images of adoptable animals in the northern MA or southern NH, I’d love to help!  A beautiful picture can help an animal find their forever home, just like Frankie.

Thanks for stopping by!  Next up in our blog circle is Angela Schneider of Noses & Toes Pet Photography, unabashedly celebrating your love for your dog in Spokane and North Idaho.  Click on the link at the end of each post to enjoy a “story” from pet photographer’s around the world.  Have a great weekend!  

9 thoughts on “Frankie Goes Home – A Rescue Story”

  1. OMGoodness, what a wonderful story. That says loads about this family. Wishing that little boy and his family lots of great memories with Frankie.

  2. These are some beautiful images of Frankie especially the last one. So happy you donated your time to help Frankie get adopted with your Photos. A happy ending to a great story and Frankie can enjoy the rest of his with love.

  3. Awww…that’s so precious. A great story of Frankie finding a home, but so sad he has his health issues at such a young age. I hope that little boy gets a load of fun and memories …. and photos…with Frankie!

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