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Your Dog's Story Book

Happiness Is Your Dog’s Story Book

I love a book. Tangible Memories. Colorful. Sturdy. Personalized. A book tells the story of the adventure with your dog experienced on the day of their photo session. Maybe it’s leaping for snowballs the day after a Nor’Easter, while you traipse through the snow in your Tubbs Snowshoes (my dream photo session that would make ME happy!). Or watching your pooch paddle the water at your favorite local lake at dusk.

Do you love ALL of the images from your photo session? Do you want to remember your dog’s story over the years? If that is the case, I highly recommend my signature Story Book.

Awakening your sentimental memories with each and every page turn.

dog photography story book
Memory Session – Sydney Roo

Handmade from the highest quality materials and fully customizable to your liking, I’ll craft and bind your favorite photos into a beautiful book. We’ll work together to weave a story and create a design that you’re absolutely in love with. Simply select your “must have” images during our ordering session, and I’ll get the ball rolling. I promise you’ll be flipping through this book for years down the road, reliving your adventures with your dog all over again.

Story Book Essex MA
Any and Dad – Allyn Cox Reservation

The Covers

I have a variety of cover styles to choose from. If you are looking for something truly “unique”, the Messenger style is perfect! It also has a rustic feel which goes great with trail hike dog photography session. Shown are the different styles. I do a lot of “full wrap” styles, which is my favorite, with a quote “debossed” (see a few paragraphs below).

Story Book Cover Options

The Colors

One of my favorite parts of the design process is choosing the color. I LOVE color! The Book Cloths are my most popular, especially the ones that are “coated”. Dog drool and dog hair everywhere? It just wipes clean! My most popular colors are the Mint Chip, Cranberry Cocktail, and Razzleberry Sprinkles. The “sprinkles” have a fun shimmer to them. (Don’t you just love the names?)

Story Book color options
More Story Book Cover Options
Razzleberry Sprinkles Album Cover
Popular Razzleberry Sprinkles


Personalize the cover just how you would like! I custom design each cover. My favorite debossing color? I’m in love with the Rose Gold.

Debossing of your story book
Custom Story Book cover
A Favorite Quote – Memory Session (Copper Sprinkles Cover with White Debossing)

Final Story Book

You will receive your album in a beautiful keepsake box shown below.

Keepsake Box


1. How Many Pages?

My smallest album is an 8×8 with 16 images. The next size is a 10×10/9×12 with 25 images. You can have additional images added on.

Story Book
Story Book with Keepsake Box in Copper Sprinkles

2. How Many Photos?

I typically share 30-35 images from a photo session that is for 1 dog and their pawrents. Additional dogs I show more images. You are welcome to include all of the images from our session in your Story Book. You only choose and purchase what you love!

Vision Art Books copper sprinkles 5
In Memory of Sundance – Plum Island Beach

3. Will I See A Draft Before Print?

Please trust my design! I enjoy designing albums and work hard to showcase your images in the best possible ways, through design and cropping. I promise you will love it!

Vision Art Album Meera Anya 4
Go For Rides? With Meer and Anya

4. How Do I Care For My Album?

Your album will come with a detailed care instruction card to help you ensure its longevity.

It is best if you;

– keep your album out of direct sunlight

– store your album in a non-humid, cool, temperate place

– store your album flat

Ready For Your Story Book?

Let’s plan an adventure with your dog and get the ball rolling! I promise you won’t regret this experience. This is a book you will treasure forever bringing you happiness each and every day!

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9 thoughts on “Happiness Is Your Dog’s Story Book”

  1. Wow – what a wonderful idea to get people to purchase a book with all their favorite photos – get those photos in print – people don’t realize how much this world is digital until they don’t have access to it (ie no power or no internet).

  2. Oh! Albums are my favorite. And I hadn’t read that AA Milne quote before – I think it’s one of my favorites now! Perfect.

  3. Great explanation on what choices you have in the design of the photo album you want. Print!! Print!! Print!! those “Photos”. You will see a whole new image in print that shows true color & meaning then keeping those images stored in cloud or whatever you use to keep digital images. “Remember” printing your photos gives you a lifetime of tangible memories you will always have.

  4. I love all the options for the albums and that first image is magical. Such a great idea to have a book that holds your dog’s story, something tangible to always remember everything about them. Absolutely gorgeous work Darlene!

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