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Posing with dogs

Happy Dogs and People

Welcome to week 36 of our 52 Week Pet Photography Blog circle.  This week’s topic is “Happy” so I thought this was the perfect time to share the joy of people WITH their dogs during a photo session!

I specialize in photographing pets.  If someone were to call me asking to do a “senior” session or an “engagement couples” session I am happy to refer out to another professional photographer.  Even though my main focus is the pets, I always ask the owners if they would like to be included in some images!  I sometimes get a “no thank-you”, but after pleading with them, they agree!  And 9 out 10 times they end up loving the image and are so happy to have had it taken!

I love capturing the owner/dog bond.  I will do a mix of suggesting certain poses, along with capturing the candid interacting between owner an pet.

Here is a posed image.  I love having owners sit or lie on the ground – be prepared to get dirty – haha!  Kneeling works nice, but sitting in the tall grass worked beautifully with this mom and her smaller dogs.


Pets and People

Here is another image from the same session – a fun candid moment capturing the love between mom and Angel.


Photographing dogs and people


The next image was taken at a local winery, Zorvino Vineyards.  The barrels make for a perfect spot to pose!  Beautiful Molly with her happy mom and dad.


Pet Photography Zorvino Vineyards


Next is lovely mom with Shai and Mr. Beef Wellington.   Beautiful smile from mom!


Posing with dogs


One of my all time favorites of Zharia giving her mom a great big kiss!  That’s happiness!!!


Candid images of pets and people


And then there are the images that I’m going through and I see how happy mom or dad is in the background …. you hate to photoshop them out of the image!!!  I love seeing the expressions – that joy of being with their dogs!  Here is sweet puppy, Phoebe, telling us what she thinks of this whole photo session thing!!!


People and dogs photography


Thanks for stopping by!  Next up in our blog circle is Danyel Rogers with Wag to my Heart Studio Serving the Portland Metro Area of Oregon.  Click on the link at the end of each post and follow along to see some wonderful images from pet photographers around the world!  Have a great weekend!



10 thoughts on “Happy Dogs and People”

  1. Great shots of happiness. It’s great that you include the owners in some of your animal portraits. Shows the strong bond between the animal & owner.

  2. Great shots showing happiness between dogs & their owners. It’s nice that you include some shots of the owners with their dogs in the portrait sessions. This shows the strong bond between the owner & their dog.

  3. I love your wine barrel images. I really need to venture out to some of our local vineyards here in Oregon. We have enough of them. Great job lady!

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