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Calm Dog Behavior

Home is where the Dog is

Welcome to week 9 of our 52 Week Pet Photography Blog Circle. This week’s topic is “No Place Like Home,” so I’m here to tell you a little bit about my home with our sweet Husky Mix, Kota. Have you heard of the quote, “A house is not a home without the love of a dog?” That’s forever true!

The older I get, the more I’ve become a “homebody”. After 16 years of being a flight attendant and traveling, I much prefer to hang out with my dog in the house. And that has probably made my dog, Kota, a homebody, too. She’s not the easiest dog to travel with. She doesn’t love other dogs. If we go anywhere, we take her. I’m not sure I’d trust anyone taking care of the escape artist. Our road trip travel the past few years has been to Lake Placid, NY. She does well in the car and we stay at places we can rent that are close to hiking trails for her to enjoy. It still seems to be a bit stressful for her – she’d much rather be home in her own space!

This week I”m fighting a horrible cold. I’m thrilled for this topic because I can share some images of Kota’s home life while I relax in my pajamas with a cup of green tea with honey and lemon 🙂 Is there anything better than spending the day with your dog?

For Christmas this year we got Kota this HUGE bed. We named it the “saucer”. For weeks Kota would jump over it or walk around it. We moved it all around the house, waiting for her to curl up in this bed on her own. It did take weeks! I tried to explain to her how comfortable she would be! Just recently, she starting stepping into this bed, doing a few circles, and curling up on her own. This is what our home looks like with a dog who enjoys alone time 🙂 We keep the bed near the kitchen table, in front of the TV in the living room. She loves TV! Her favorite thing to watch is ice hockey – go figure! She howls as the puck glides across the ice – GOAL!

A husky mix curled up in her bed at home
Watching Hockey
Kota Blog Home2
Super comfy!
Kota Blog Home3 1 of 1
“Saucer” Bed
Kota Blog Home5
Did you say chicken?
Kota Blog Home4
Comfort of HOME

When Kota’s not lounging on one of her 10 beds/mats (ummm… I counted… maybe i have a problem – haha!), she’s loving her backyard! (Good thing i just chose 1 bed to photograph!) What outdoor dog would NOT love a nice fenced in yard! We have 2 acres of land and just over an acre is conservation land. We fenced in a nice portion just for Kota. We kept wood facing the road and the rest is a 6 ft. black chain link where Kota can enjoy surveying all of our wildlife. If we go outside the gate from our backyard, we make a path that leads right to a hiking trail. One of our favorite winter activities is snowshoeing, but unfortunately we haven’t had that much snow this winter. We did get a little bit of white fluffy stuff just for this blog post!

Kota Blog Home Backyard 1 of 1
Kota’s yard – keeping watch!

Here is what Kota does best on a snow day – just sits and watches. ALL DAY. I can’t get her inside. Ah, the life of a dog!

Husky Mix enjoying the snow in her backyard at home in MA
The snow dog’s life

Yes, as you can see, home is where the dog is! And they sure do run our household! I admit, Kota is just a bit spoiled 🙂 I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

Thanks for stopping by this week’s Blog Circle! Next up is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and destinations nationwide. Susannah has also written 3 books, her first one being: Rescue Dogs: Portraits and Stories. Check them out on Amazon!

If you’d like the schedule a pet photography session in the comfort of YOUR home, click here. Have a fantastic weekend!

18 thoughts on “Home is where the Dog is”

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I’m obsessed with snow images 🙂 We do think of moving, but my favorite thing is the yard with the woods.

  1. Kota is so gorgeous and that snow shot … amazing! I would love the opportunity to photograph dogs in the snow one day… not an easy thing to arrange here in Australia! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous insights of your home (and your forest!) and I hope you are feeling better now Darlene.

    1. Thanks so much, Jo! Feeling better today! I do love the snow, but I wish the rest of the world did, too! Kota and I do enjoy the trails to ourselves in the snow 🙂

  2. Wow, the saucer bed looks pretty big! I have heard that huskies are very good escape artists – I guess Kota is true to that breed. Our dogs LOVE to travel – even if it’s just to a park for a walk – so thankful because we like to do the same. My favorite is the last image – I just love her sitting in the snow!

  3. I am so laughing about Kota watching ice hockey. All the photos are lovely (such a sweet girl), but that last photo is stunning.

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