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Kota’s Collars: Review of Gwen Gear’s “Foxy Lady”

I admit it.  I have an obsession with collars.  Just collars.  Not all the fancy, frilly outfits for dogs.  Just the 18 or so inches of material that surrounds my dog’s nape.  The collar exudes character.  I am drawn to fun, whimsical and stylish patterns for my 3 year old Husky Mix, Kota.   No add-ons.  No rhinestones, studs, lace or ruffles.  Just a unique pattern.  The collar represents an integral part of her identity!

I recently came across a small company located in San Francisco while doing a “dog collar” google search:  Gwen Gear ( .  Her front page tag line: “Life’s too short to wear an ugly collar”… I so agree!  I was immediately drawn to the two styles, Muir Woods and Muir Woods Foxy Lady.  Have you heard of that catchy tune, “What does the fox say?”  If you haven’t, here is the link:  You will be waking up from a deep sleep at 3 am wondering why “hatee-hatee-hatee-ho” is streaming through your head!

I had to have the Muir Woods Foxy Lady Collar for Kota.  The “Fox Song ” makes me smile.  The collar makes me think of the upbeat song.  It’s colorful and whimsical.  An adorable fox with a little bow.  The background is a vibrant shade of purple.  Happy New Year, Kota!

New collar

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