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UIN Footwear

Lucky With UIN Footwear

If you know me, you know I have an obsession with shoes.  Cute shoes. Comfy shoes. Stylish shoes. Colorful shoes.  The list goes on!  Everything from strappy summer sandals to chunky winter boots.  Shoes are something I will always splurge on if the right pair comes along. 

Have you hear of UIN Footwear?  I hadn’t either, but they reached out to me.  I knew they were “legit” as they mentioned a picture that I posted where I was wearing a pair of Jambu boots.  Would I like a complementary pair of shoes for a post?  

Yes, please!  When it comes to working with brands I only connect with those I align with.  I get a lot of “spam” messages and a lot of offerings of “free” treats or “bandanas” – but nothing I get excited about haha!  Kota doesn’t wear bandanas and she is on a  strict diet.  But shoes?  I’m in!!!  It’s worth the relationship when shoes are involved! 

UIN Footwear

UIN footwear makes the lightest shoes I’ve ever worn!  I”m not kidding.  When the box arrived, I thought it was empty before I opened it.  The originated in Spain and are expanding in the US and now shipping specific designs here. This pair is called “Cheer Up” and it’s the closest you will find Kota near anything that resembles a cat.  We  did have snow on the ground, so I had to get creative.  These shoes definitely scream summer comfort!  I love the variety of designs they have, along with all of the fun colors.  

UIN Footwear

I wish I had shoes like these during my flight attendant travel days.  Shoes seemed to take up the most room in my suitcase.  I always had a pair of running shoes and those are usually what I would end up walking with and wearing out to dinner.   Cute shoes like these would have been perfect to throw in and wouldn’t take up any room at all!  

Travel With UIN Footwear-1

Guess what?  I have a little coupon code just for YOU so that you can try your first pair! They are true to size and they do have a wider foot bed (which I love as I do not have narrow feet).  Use the code: Darlene5 to save $5 off a pair and Darlene10 to save $10 off $120 or more. Any little bit is helpful.  I recommend treating yourself to a super cute style to welcome Spring!!!  

Thanks for stopping by this week’s blog!   This post is part of  pet photographer’s blog circle.  Next up Linda Perdue of VPShoots Photography, shares dogs with Irish spirit.  Follow along to see how pet photographers around the world interpreted this week’s topic, “lucky”.

6 thoughts on “Lucky With UIN Footwear”

  1. Really cute shoes! I have a doggy adorned pair of Sketchers that are my favorites to wear around the studio, but these are calling my name.

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