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Memory Sessions for Senior and Terminally Ill Pets

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”  ~  Anatole France

Our pets really do make our world. They bring joy each and every day and have an abundance of love to give. Clearly they are not on this earth long enough.

Do you have a senior pet? Do you have a dog battling a terminal illness? Would you like to have tangible reminders of the love and joy shared with your pet? Please consider a “Memory Pet Photo Session” with Pant the Town Photography.

Memory sessions can be held in a variety of places. Many people choose to do these in the comfort of their own home, like “Mickey”. Mickey was 18 years old when I received the phone call from mom that his health was declining. We scheduled the session for a following Saturday. Monday morning I received the call that things “weren’t looking good”. I said I’d get things together and be there in an hour. This little guy hung in there and we captured so much love with mom and dad and grandma and grandpa!

Memory Session for Terminally Ill Pet
Memories of Mickey
Memory Session Products
Tangible Memories to Cherish

Maybe you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy quality time together with a beautiful setting. One of my favorite session locations is Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH. They are amazing to allow pets on a weekday bright and early. We meet up shortly after the sunrise – amazing light! Jerry and his mom chose a fall session in the Vineyard. Jerry enjoyed the peacefulness and stress free environment.

Vineyard Memory Session
Memory Session in the Vineyard
Memory Session Framed Print
Beautiful framed print

Another option for a Memory Session is a favorite place your pet likes to visit. Meeka enjoyed walks with mom and dad at Applecrest Farms in Hampton Falls, NH. We decided to meet early one morning at this beautiful location. There were sunflowers in bloom and the apple trees made for a great backdrop. Family members are always encouraged to be in some of the images.

Memory Session at Applecrest Farms
Meeka and her lovely family
Framed print from a pet memory session
Framed print ~ lasting memory

At Pant the Town Photography we celebrate your pets as family through photography. Please consider contacting me about a Memory Session for you and your pet! We do offer priority scheduling to accommodate you and your pet. A video slideshow is included with the Memory Session. All products are custom designed and we offer framed prints (most popular), metals, canvas, desk mounts, and albums. Please ask about our payment plans.

I am a member of the Joy Sessions Network ~ please visit this site for a list of helpful services in coping with the loss of a pet.

Joy Sessions badge

2 thoughts on “Memory Sessions for Senior and Terminally Ill Pets”

  1. Great you are doing pet memory photo sessions. Like you said they are not here long enough, so it’s wonderful to have photos of your pet to bring back happy memories. They are a part of your life and mean so much to you. The photos you have shown above are excellent especially the b&w.

  2. I agree 100% with Mimosa! Also, this is some of your best work. The sessions mean so much to you and of course the owners and the pet!

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