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Baby Goats Snuggling

MSPCA Baby Goat Session

Last month I did a fun “maternity photo session” for two sweet momma goats at the MSPCA Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA. Guess what? They had their babies and I was thrilled to get the chance to meet these adorable little ones!

The day I planned to photograph them turned out to be bright and sunny – yes, every time that seems to be the case haha! I would love an overcast day, but I always figure out how to work with it somehow!

Our plan was to have the baby goats in pajamas – adorable! Unfortunately the pj’s donated were all way too big so we had to improvise. I had some “dog props” with me that worked out perfectly – a little bandana with cars on it, a blue bow tie, and a pink clip on flower.

We found a shaded area near the barn, but it wasn’t fenced in. My wonderful assistants found some tiny collars that fit on the baby goats and we were able to leash them for the first few images. And they had a cute wagon for the goats to sit in!

Meet Sequoia, Voyager and Zion :

Baby Goat Photo Session
Baby Goat in a wagon
Baby Goat photo session

From the shaded area we brought them to a sunny area that was fenced in. The grass was so tall for these little ones!

Baby Goat MSPCA16
Baby goat in tall grass

And how cute is this brother/sister duo?

Baby Goats Snuggling

They really are the sweetest! I wanted to take at least one home with me!!! Yes, they will be going to their new home soon!

Thanks for stopping by to check out the adorable baby goats! Have a great day!

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