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My Favorite Lens for Pet Photography

Welcome to week 42 of our 52 Week Pet Photography Blog Circle.  This week’s topic is “Photographer’s Choice” so I thought I’d talk about my absolute favorite lens for pet photography and share a few images using that lens.

I shoot with a Canon 5D MKlll.  The lenses that I have are the Canon 24-70, 100mm 1.8, 135mm 2.0, 200 mm 2.8 and 100mm macro.  For the majority of the photo sessions that I do, I carry with me the 24-70 and 135mm.  Every now and again I add in the 200mm.  I admit – there have been times that I have been known to do entire sessions without taking the 135 mm lens off my camera – and I don’t regret it one bit!

Why do I love the 135 mm lens so much?  It is amazing for my style of photography!  Shooting at 2.0 it creates a dreamy background that is just gorgeous!  The majority of the time I will use this lens at 2.0-2.8, but I will also use this lens with families and more than one dog, taking it to f4.0.  I enjoy primes – and yes, they make me get up and move around so I’m getting exercise in during every photo session!


Keeva Blog Photographers Choice 1 of 1
“Keeva” at f/2.8



Canon 135mm
“Leo” at f/2.0



Pepyta Blog Photographers Choice 1 of 1
“Jalapeno and Pepita” at f/3.2



Zharia Blog Photographers Choice 1 of 1
“Zharia” at f/2.5


Canon 135mm lens
“Meeka with Mom and Dad” at f/3.5


I also use the same lens for action – here is Kota the day we woke up to temps in the 40’s – she’s a new dog in cooler weather!


Canon 135 mm
“Kota” at f/2.0


Thanks for stopping by!  Next up in our blog circle is Elaine Tweedy, Northeastern PA Pet Photographer, I Got the Shot Photography.  I’m looking forward to seeing her post along with all the other’s participating in the “photographer’s choice”.  Have a great weekend!



7 thoughts on “My Favorite Lens for Pet Photography”

  1. I’m in love with the 24-70mm too, but never attached to my 135mm so I finally let it go to help defray the cost of the 70-200mm f/2.8 and that one never leaves my other camera body. I loved the lighter f/4 version, but you can’t beat the bokeh of the f/2.8 (and of course a bit faster for those action shots!). I love all your images and my pups too have a bee in the bonnet on the first cool day of fall! It puts a real spring in their step!

  2. The 135mm is a stellar lens. That was the only lens I used many years ago for all my photo experiences. Zoom’s weren’t around and primes were the only way to go. The 135mm was considered the best of the best. The photo of Kota in action is excellent as well as all the dog portraits you included in this blog.

  3. I am crazy about the 135, too! Been wanting to try the 105mm next. You did a great job with the action using that lens! It is tough for me because my Border Collies have already hit the end of my camera by the time I get focused. I have to use the 70-200 for more space, hahaha.

  4. Great use of what fall colors we have! Kota is finally excited about some cold weather, about time. When is snow coming? Nice images!

  5. Really interesting to read about your favourite lens. Particularly as I don’t have a 135mm. Most of the time I use the 70-200mm, also a 2.8 which makes for great bokeh. But as a prime……I’ll have to try the 135mm now🙂

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