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Farmhouse Frame Wall Collection

New Year, Exciting New Products

Happy New Year!!!  Can you believe it?!  Welcome 2021!  It was a crazy year, to say the least, but we had an exciting year here at Pant the Town Photography! This past week we finished our final photo session for Tails of the North Shore, a fundraising book project for the MSPCA Nevins Farm.  We raised over $2000 so far and this winter I will be writing and designing the book – so excited!!!  Over 50 dogs and 1 bunny were photographed throughout Boston’s North Shore. So much fun!!!

As 2021 begins, I’m excited to offer new products, from stunning rustic frames, to story boxes, that I hope you will absolutely LOVE as much as I do!  I am even introducing a round frame in a variety of sizes thats looks fantastic with wall grouping and on its own. Introducing our new line!!!


Craftsman Frames

The new “Craftsman Frames” feature aged Oak Barnwood that is slightly planed in order to keep the grain and texture that only weathered oak can retain. These are an absolutely gorgeous modern and unique take on a traditional frame.  

Craftsman Frame Antique Walnut
Antique Walnut

Authentic Reclaimed Wood Frames

These authentically reclaimed frames includes only products created with naturally aged wood. These products are crafted with materials that are over hundreds of years old and feature unique characteristics slightly different from one another. There are several styles available to choose from.  

Crafted from a hardwood Haystack is this brown frame that gives a vintage and earthy vibe. This wood has hints of brown in different tones, from light golden brown to deeper brown throughout the grain. This looks amazing with pet photos in fall foliage like adorable Sprout looks here. 

Haystack Frame
Reclaimed Wood - Haystack

Here is a wall collection with a mix of  “Asher” and “Hemlock” frames with images from a vineyard session with Maverick and Chance.  The “Asher” is crafted from hardwood. This oak frame has a white washed trim inlay to give the frame a modern feel. It incorporates both the organic feel of the wood with modern lines, and the wood  contains slight gray and brown tones with a ton of texture. The “Hemlock” frame is a lightweight and single pane design.  It was beautiful texture, and the edges are lightly burned and sanded to show the grain of the wood.  This collection is an offering with 4 16×16 square frames.

Farmhouse Frame Wall Collection
Asher and Hemlock Wall Collection

Another stunning wall collection containing a 20×30 inch along with 2-16×20 inch frames in “Haywagon”. This frame features dark brown, caramel and cream accents with lots of texture. It is made from weathered Oak.  This is a unique frame and a bit heavier than the others.  

Modern Farmhouse Wall Collection
Haywagon Wall Collection

Farmhouse Round Frames

The Farmhouse round frames are the perfect unique addition to your home!! The hand painted technique gives that character and farmhouse feel while the round shape and beveled edge design creates a modern and unique look! These look great on their own or mixed in with a wall collection.  They come in sizes from 12 inches to 20 inches, along with 8 different colors.

Farmhouse Round Frame
Ebony Round Frame

Bohemian Hand Painted Frame

I’m head over heels in love with this frame option!  This frame is only offered in one size: 16×20.  It’s hand painted with distressed Moroccan design in a smoky charcoal color.  I am looking for the perfect “snow” image of my dog, Kota, for this unique frame!  

Bohemian vintage hand painted frame
Boho Hand Painted Frame

Cottage Story Box

I’m changing up my Story Boxes to these hand crafted cottage boxes.  These are hand painted, distressed, and sealed for preservation and show a bit of chipping and crackling for rustic character.  They come in lavender, gray, taupe, cottage white, yellow, cottage blue, blush, sage.  You will have the option of 10 up to 25 of your favorite prints in either mounted or matted 8×10’s.   

Cottage Story Box
Cottage Story Box

Hope you love all of these options that I’m excited about!  If you’d like to learn more and schedule a “virtual consult” with me, please click HERE.

For more “New Beginnings” follow along our blog circle featuring posts from pet photographers around the world!  Next up is Terri J Photography, your pet photographer in the Toronto area. Happy New Year!!!

5 thoughts on “New Year, Exciting New Products”

  1. Happy New YEAR!!! Love your collection and styles of new frames. Great choices & colors to pick from especially the Farmhouse Round or Cottage Story Box Frames.
    The Bohemian is really beautiful.

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