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Damon Pond Photo Session

Patrick’s Perspective at Damon Pond

Welcome to this week’s blog post in our 52 Week Blog Project.  This week’s topic is “Perspective” and I have the adorable Patrick joining me!  

Perspective in photography is defined as “the sense of depth or spatial relationship between objects in a photo, along with their dimensions with respect to what viewer of the image sees. By changing perspective, subjects can appear much smaller or larger than normal, lines can converge differently, and much more.”

There are many ways to change up the perspective when taking a picture, but one that I’m sharing is my position behind the camera.  Patrick is an adorable little teddy bear of a pooch.  His favorite part of the photo session was running back and forth on the footbridge.  In these first 2 images, I got down low to the ground, close up to Patrick with my 24-70 mm lens at 24 mm.  Notice how big he looks in comparison to the bridge!  

Footbridge at Damon Pond
Damon Pond Photo Session

The next image is taken a little bit further away from Patrick, at 70 mm.  We can see his relative size to the bridge taken at this angle. 

Perspective in Pet Photography

And this next image shows the pure joy of Patrick and what he enjoyed most about our photo session – RUNNING!!!  This was taken with my 135 mm lens.

Dog running on a footbridge

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Next up in our blog circle is Terri J Photography, photographing pets and their families in South Florida and Toronto.  Click on the link to follow some amazing pet photographer’s around the world and check out their “perspective” this week!  Enjoy your weekend!!!  

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