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Great Pyranees enjoying a piece of driftwood on the Plum Island Beach

Penelope’s Plum Island Adventure

City Dog to Beach Dog

I absolutely LOVE it when a client says, “Yes, we’re up for an adventure!”

That was Penelope, the Great Pyranees, and her mom this past week.  This adorable duo lives in Worcester, and mom commutes to a hospital in Boston for work.  Penelope does enjoy full days romping and playing with other pups at doggie daycare.  They decided on a sunrise beach session at Plum Island.  When I asked, “is that too far or too early for you?”.  Mom’s reply, “Penelope is up at 4:00 AM every morning.”  Let’s do it!!!

They had about an hour and a half drive from Worcester to Plum Island.  My drive was 30 minutes so I did get an extra hour of sleep haha!  One might think I get up, put on clothes, and hop in the car right away.  I actually need to slowly wake up and have at least 2 cups of coffee before hitting the road!  

We met at 6:00 AM – sunrise was scheduled for 6:25.  Penelope was so excited!  We had the beach to ourselves.  She was a bit “unsure” about the water and the waves.  We didn’t have too much beach, as the tide was high, but it was perfect for Penelope.  I absolutely love the sand early in the morning and the first prints being “paw prints”.  

Portrait of Penelope the Great Pyrenees enjoying a sunrise at Plum Island Beach

We did some walking on the beach, and there is a beautiful rocky area that has lovely views in several directions.  I discovered that Penelope loves to dance for treats!  Can you believe she’s only 70 lbs? So much FLUFF!!!  

Penelope the Pyrenees enjoys dancing on Plum Island Beach
Dancing Dog

One of Penelope’s big highlights of the morning was finding a piece of driftwood. Mom brought the driftwood home as a memory of Penelope’s beach adventure!  

Great Pyranees enjoying a piece of driftwood on the Plum Island Beach
Loving all the beach has to offer!
Plum Island Beach Great Pyranees
Pretty Penelope

By the smiles on Penelope’s face, I do think she had an amazing beach adventure!  Mom’s text later that day:  “Penelope is PASSED OUT!”  Modeling is hard work- haha!  I love these peaceful mornings at sunrise with pups on the beach.  
Contact me here to schedule your sunrise adventure beach session.  

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  1. So gorgeous Darlene! That sky was painted just for your session, wow! And the pup…too cute for words and such a terrific client to be so willing to go with your suggestions…I’m sure she’s thrilled to have followed you on this one, the images are epic!

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