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Puppy and Horse

Photographing the Human-Animal Connection

I”m going to bet …. that you have hundreds if not thousands of photos in your phone.  Am I correct?  I admit, I take a LOT of pictures of my dog, Kota, and not just with my “pro” camera.  I use my cell phone just like you!

Do you have pictures of you with your dog, cat or even horse together?  That is where the challenge comes in!  It’s not easy taking “selfies” with your pet.  I’m not an expert there, that’s for sure!  

Husky Selfie
My Selfe Attempt

When searching for a pet photographer, all kinds of photographers show up!  You will find pet photographers that also do weddings, seniors and headshots.  Is that enough of a “specialty” for you to hire them to photograph you and your pet? I have seen “family” photographers say, “Dog are welcome in the photo sessions”.  Do you ever notice how the dog isn’t looking at the camera, or even somewhere specific? Maybe a squirrel just caught their attention. When I photograph dogs with the family, I am going to make sure that the dog is the main focus first.  

There are also pet photographers out there that ONLY focus on the pets, meaning they don’t involve family members and include them in the photos.  I love the bond between pets and their people.  I love watching the story unfold and seeing how they interact together.  I am also going to help you plan your session wardrobe so you are going to look amazing with your pet!  

Pets and People Bond

This brings me to the several ways that I do incorporate people in the photos with their pets.

The Posed

This is exactly as stated: Posed.  I try this during all of my photo sessions. Notice I said “try”?  Photographing pets IS a challenge!  I set up the shot. I pose the people and add in the animals. Everyone looks at the camera as I make some crazy obnoxious noise. There you have it!  
If you definitely MUST have a posed image with everyone involved, we attack that at the beginning of the photo session. We get the tough stuff out of the way.  It sometimes takes a little bit of work… and magic!

Family with dogs
Pets and People Bond 3
Baby Announcement
Doodle Dog and Mom
Doodle Mom

The Candid

This is where you get to just run around and have fun and love all over your pet!  I will have my 135mm lens on my camera and I will give you some space. You will interact with your pet any way you like and I will take a variety of shots from different angles and distances. Sweet kisses are my favorite! Love seeing the joy and the connection you share. 

Mom and Cat portrait
Cat Love
Sister Love Bond Dog
Sister Fun
Senior Dog Love

The Incognito

“Wait!  I have to be IN the pictures?”  Is that what you are thinking? Are you sure that you don’t want to be in the pictures?  I do have other ways for you to be there… but “not ” there.  I love doing these types of photos! We can use your adorable boots (if you have followed me you know I love boots!) or we can use your hands or even just the back of your head. These photos still illustrate that amazing bond that you share! 

Puppy and Horse
Puppy Sandwich
Yellow Lab and Owner
Soulful Senior
Humand Dog Bond Vineyard-2
Apple Picking

Are you ready for a fun filled photo session WITH your pet?  I’d love to chat more!  This is my niche and this is what I am passionate about!  And if you are searching for something like this, please work with someone who specializes in pets. It will make the experience much more enjoyable and you will be more relaxed throughout the process, too!  

This post if part of a pet photographer’s blog circle. This week we are all sharing a bit about our niche.  Follow along by clicking on the link at the end of each post. Next up Cahlean of About A Dog Photography talks about her niche. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Photographing the Human-Animal Connection”

  1. Nice to see some examples of how to be in photos with pets…or how “not” to be in them. But really, more boots please!!! Haha!

  2. Great explanation on the various types of Human-Animal Connection Photos you do. All the Photos you used for the examples really show the type of connections you are talking about.

  3. The candids always make me so happy…but those photos with just the owners’ legs in them are pretty high on my list as well! I think they are so much fun!

  4. Puppy sandwich, love it! Beautiful captures throughout. Great variety of posed and candid because different people will want different things from their pictures – grandma wants to see your faces but the client may prefer them snuggling their pooch so well done offering something for everyone.

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