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Project 52 Week 15: Get Close

Welcome to week 15 of our Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle.  This week we are up close and personal with our topic of “Get Close”!

I decided to pull out my Canon 100 mm macro lens this week and work on a few shots with “detail”.  I haven’t used it too much over the winter, but I plan to take it out more this spring when my purple sand cherry blossoms show up sometime later this month – they are my favorite flowers to photograph and they make an appearance for a short time every April!

First image is taken Thursday afternoon.  This was our warmest day in quite a while and Kota and I just got back from our afternoon walk.  Fifty five degrees is a heat wave for her!  Tongue out, but happy pooch!


Kota Blog Close Up 1 1 of 1


This time of year is lots of shedding!  Actually, shedding is a daily thing 🙂  Here is a close up of that thick fur that I pull out in big tufts lol!  She has on her pretty colored spring collar!


Husky fur close up image


Another image after our walk:


Kota Blog Close Up 2 1 of 1


The last image is taken one morning this past week.  I’m obsessed with Kota’s nose!  I love the pink that runs down the middle and the little nubbins 🙂


Kota Blog Close Up 4 1 of 1


Thank you for stopping by this week’s blog!  Click on the link at the end of each post to follow along with some amazing pet photographers around the world!  Next up is Shae Pepper Photography.  Have a  wonderful weekend!

10 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 15: Get Close”

  1. Absolutely love the third photo down, and nose photos are always my favorites! Spring shedding has started in earnest here, so I tell people, if they don’t see us for a couple days, we are buried under hair and need rescue.

  2. Woo Close ups for sure, see all Kota’s great colorization in her coat and complexion/skin etc. Cool. And of course her beauty marks 🙂 Sweet collar to boot, we love them, thank you again!

  3. The amount of shedding in my house right now is out of control. My two don’t get the big tufts though but I know lots of dogs that do. Nice job on all of the close ups!

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