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Project 52 Week 20: “Low Angle”

Welcome to week 52 of the Pet Photography Project’s Blog Circle!  This week’s topic is, “low angle” or the way I’m interpreting it, “A day in the life of Kota”.

“Low angle” photography is a shot taken below the eye looking upward.  When working with pets, it could be trying to capture what the pet sees at their visual level.  For this week’s assignment I chose my 24-70mm lens.  I took several images of Kota doing what she does during the day:  “relaxing” and “looking”!

The first image is how Kota spends time while I work at my computer in the sunroom – chilling in the backyard!  I took this image at 24mm and “blind” shot it.  That means I placed my camera on the ground and prayed i caught the focus on her eyes at f2.8!  It’s trial and error but this one worked out OK!


Kota Low Level 1 1 of 1
Shooting Blind

The next image, Kota was resting on her fox bed in the sunroom.  From Kota’s point of view, there’s a lot of clutter in that room that needs to be cleaned up!  🙂  I still decided to share this image….it will make me do some de-cluttering this weekend!  This was also shot at 24 mm…. but this time f2.8 didn’t do enough to blur the mess! ( Kota has about 15 bandanas and collars hanging up on the right of the photo!)  The ISO was at 640, natural light through the window behind me and to the left but also added a reflector camera left to hopefully grab a catchlight in her eye!  (there were some obstacles in the way of the sunlight)


Kota Low Level 2 1 of 1
This room is a mess!

The last image is when your tired from all the modeling!  Kota’s end of the couch with her cabin fever blanket 🙂  Her favorite spot!  This was taken at 55 mm.  I did have the Alien Bee 800 hooked up with a soft box and added the light.


Kota Low Level 3 1 of 1
Sleepy Time

Thank you for stopping by our Blog Circle!  Next up is  Sandra with Sandra McCarthy Photography of New Hampshire.  Click on the link at the end of each post to see a variety of posts from some amazing pet photographer’s around the world.  Have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 20: “Low Angle””

    1. Thanks, Kim! Blind shots are sheer luck! haha! And the “sleeping” one is the typical Kota…. can’t be bothered! 🙂

  1. You did a great job shooting blind. I want to experiment a little more with that.

    I love how you gave an ordinary glimpse into Kota’s
    world. It’s so fun to see the way our four-legged friends see the everyday!

    1. Thank you so much! “Blind shooting” is fun… but takes patience and I usually give up quick haha!

  2. You have spurred me on to go out and try blind shots. I like when pets are featured in photos of their everyday lives, surrounded by their own things!

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