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Project 52 Week 21: “Sunset”

Welcome to week 21 of the 52 Week Pet Photography Project’s Blog Circle!  This week’s topic is “sunset”.

Sounds like a fun week!  Getting out and shooting sunsets in the evening 🙂  Unfortunately the time of 8:30ish pm this week was not working for me!  Between teaching evening classes and cloudy, rainy weather, I had to brainstorm a bit…..

Got it!  One of our FAVORITE leashes is called “Sunset” – we will share that this week!

Have you heard of Bruno and Gill?  They are located on the west coast of the US and they love adventures with dogs!  They have a great line of fun, colorful leashes for your pet.  We have the “sunset” which is from their “Elements” collection and it’s a beautiful ombre orange. The leashes are 6 feet in length and made of rope with clasps at both ends. They have metal rings that are adjustable up and down the length of the lead.  The possibilities in how  you use the leash are endless!  You can use one end as a collar.  You can use one end as a handle.  The following image is using the leash to “tether”.  You can guess that Kota had no idea why i would be tethering her to a tree in our backyard!


Kota Blog Sunset 1 of 1
Why am I tied to the tree?

You can attach 2 dogs to one lead.  (I won’t be showing that – way too close for Kota’s personal space!)  I use the leash to run with Kota with one end wrapped around my waist – hands free!

The following images are Kota not being able to wait… she decided to begin the run on her own!

Kota Blog Sunset 2 1 of 1


Kota Blog Sunset 3 1 of 1
Woohoo!!! Let’s Go!!!


Thank you for stopping by!  I promise I will post about live sunsets in the future 🙂   In the meantime, give Bruno and Gill a follow on their instagram!  Hope you enjoyed learning about a fun company and seeing Kota showing off her favorite leash!  Next up in our blog circle is Elaine with I Got the Shot Photography serving Northeast PA.  ENJOY!

8 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 21: “Sunset””

  1. Man, I’m learning so much about these leash companies I’ve never heard of; I’m definitely going to check it out!

    My favorite shot here is the last one of Kota’s front paws up. She is certainly feeling the happiness there!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I love her expression AND ears flying high in that one! Yes, check out their leashes! And so many fun colors!

  2. I will definitely be checking out those leashes. Thanks for the recommendation! I love Kota’s expression in “Woohoo, Let’s Go!”

  3. Woohoo!!! Let’s Go!!! is the best, already on my wallpaper on my phone! Go Kota, rare ear sighting as well – with no flop and both up. Luv it

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